a neat little idea for the next Halo MM

I’ll admit,I have arrived pretty late into the Halo series,starting off in Halo3 but if I recall that game had a playlist system with classic and social

one for casual,one for the competetive

their can be two variations of this:one is more like the classic Halos(for all the classic folks) and one for those who enjoy all the other stuff Halo has had as of recent


No loadout spawns:gametypes will have it set to where loadouts do not apply to the game,heck even in Halo4 custom games you can kinda set it up that way…

No AAs

Ordaninces disabled

though this might be stretching it,it can also feature classic versions of maps ya know without ordances popping up so you have to work as hard as before in doing that.

that will satisfy the folks who prefer to the old Halo’s play style,while the other playlists can feature some of the other stuff.

those who simply wish to value the classic playlists wont have to go to any of the other matchmaking playlists.

though I don’t consider myself to be competetive player,I do think a happy medium might be more effective

and if it’s possible,why not incorprate somthing like that into Halo4?

your thoughts?

343 should have done this for Halo 4.

it might not be too late to make a playlist like that?

Finaly another post with an unbiased idea.