a MUST HAVE Infection idea!

I’ve thought about this before, but forgotten about the concept, so I’d like to share it here with you guys, before I forget again. And hopefully this may get taken into consideration by 343 Industries when they eventually make the next Halo game. Fingers crossed!

But I want to talk Infection…

Since Halo 3 there have been three options to decide the next Zombie:

  • Chump (whoever scored the lowest in the last round)
  • Winner (whoever scored the highest in the last round)
  • Random (a randomly selected player)

I’m not entirely satisfied with them though. I’m not saying that they are entirely bad, as I’d rather have some options than none. But… I think we can do better! :smiley:

This is my idea:

  • Cycle (every player that is in the game is cycled through and has a turn of starting as a Zombie in new rounds until either the game is finished, i.e. the number of rounds expire, or every player has had a turn of starting as a Zombie, in which case, the cycle would repeat itself again)

I think having this “Cycle” option would be superior to “Random,” because when Random is chosen sometimes for certain gametypes where we don’t want players to be punished (because of the way “Winner” and “Chump” work) for either being too good or being too bad, unfortunately “Random” can sometimes select the same player every round, and this can be demotivating for some players.

“Cycle” on the other hand, makes Infection a fair game. So, what do you say, Halo Waypoint? Would you appreciate this “Cycle” option?

I like your idea that would be good for the next Halo Game

Dear Waypoint members,

If you think this is a good idea, please post a reply so that 343 Industries have more of a chance to see it.

Thank you. :slight_smile: