A modest proposal on the August Update

OK - we’re pretty much all mad, particularly those who bought DLC and can’t finish their Achievements. We (sort of) understand that 343 wants to cut down on the complexity, so that support can become minimal as the game transitions.

How about this - add an option to the matchmaking options to include a “Prefer DLC” option. I’m pretty sure that most owners would give up a half a minute to actually see their purchase show up.

That way you don’t have to have separate lists, or pray to see the DLC maps only to have them voted down. This could even be back-reved to Halo 3 for those of us who started late, and still have a bunch of those to do.

(Feel free to move if this should be in the 4 or some other section.)

This is a really good idea

Would require UI changes and stuff to add that option in, which would be another Title Update, with Halo 4 being so close, I don’t see it happening.

This has been a long needed option since the Noble DLC first released.

Lucky for me I already have all the DLC achievements and I don’t need to rage at 343i. As for the rest of the unlucky numbers out there I bet 343 will make a DLC only playlist at the end of Reach’s life.

Wickenheiser - While the most pain is for those missing the Achievements, I think that most people who have the DLC would prefer to see one of those maps instead of yet another BTB on Hemorrhage.

Moa - I’m not sure that it needs to be now - I just think that rather than the constant shuffling of lists, putting this change in would be easier. If they can pick Language or connection, then detecting DLC should be a snap.