A Modest Gameplay Tweak Suggestion

343 Industries has decided to markedly reduce time to kill in this release. This is in keeping with their modernization of the game, as the most popular shooters of the hour have short kill times. I am neutral about this change and do not find it gravely detrimental to Halo. However, I do have one suggestion:

-Killing a player causes your shields to immediately begin recharging. This will have no bearing on 1v1 battles but makes 1v2 or, lord forbid 1v3 battles slightly more survivable.

Of course, players should lose if they are jumped by multiple players, but if a player is engaging one enemy and manages to kill them another player should not be able to come along and get a free kill.

Player A attacks Players X…

A Slays X with a Five-Shot from their rifle, but has their own shields dropped. Player Y, spawns in, headshots player A and gets, effectively, a free kill. A is very annoyed.