A Message About Unity

Halo Infinite is meant to be the great uniter, the game that finally ends the near decade-long classic vs modern debate. Yet despite the majority putting it behind us, those who wanted Halo 5.5 seek to keep the debate on life support. You’d think they’d use having something they love replaced as a learning opportunity, yet here we are.

Join us. We don’t need to be divided anymore.

Gameplay wise, I do think overall Infinite managed to put that debate to bed. Sure there’s some remnants to be found of it floating around, but I get the general sense that the majority of people enjoy the core gameplay.

Halo reach is a different game from Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3.

Same as Halo 4. This game is also different from reach.

And same as Halo 5. It’s also different from Halo 4.

This right here is important because it shows the ripple effect of different things that people like and didn’t like about Halo. Some may have liked Halo reach and Halo 5 but not Halo 4. Some may have liked just Halo 4. So when it comes to abilites, Equipment, loadouts opinions will be split in many different ways.

Now on to content. Warzone and breakout are different modes than the basic modes we play now. When it comes to Halo infinite you can make the argument that you can do more in other games like Halo 5 and MCC. There’s even modes in halo 4 that people liked. So content wise especially co op Halo infinite is just not there.

Now that we got that out the way we move on to the spartan abilities from Halo 5. This is probably what you are specifically referring to when you say join us. We first have to separate Sprint for a moment. Sprint activates slide and spartan charge. A lot of the movement would be gone if you remove Sprint and left in the other ablities like stabilizer and thrusters. People are split on Sprint. Some don’t like the game simply because it has Sprint. Some like or are ok with it. These are two very large camps of people. So to say “join us” will only further split us apart.

The ablities added something to learn. There isn’t much to learn in halo infinite. There was always a level higher you could reach with the movement. The better you got. The cooler it looked. In halo infinite a lot of things are static. A lot of pot shoting. A lot of corner turning. On top of that basic things like collison are missing so simply playing Halo 5 right now can be a solid experience esspically when you can go into custom games and turn off any abliity you want while being able to create any map you want for it.

Should Halo 5 have had more classic playlists? Ofcourse. It took years to get something like that setup. Granted the maps took a while because it was from the community like with that Halo 3 classic playlist that was once in halo 5. Either way I think they should’ve had modes where the abilites we’re off more often. I believe that options are a good thing and Halo infinite can be the same. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be a playlist for advanced movement.

Overall I don’t like the direction that Halo infinite is going. The whole Sprint walking thing is getting old. I come to Halo to escape all of that from call of duty and battlefield. I think doom eternal perfectly sums up how I want this game to move.

There isn’t many plays as before. So I don’t think the debate will ever be settled. To some people this game will always feel “limited”. Or “stiff”. I notice it a lot with the thruster pack. Many moments where I could’ve done an extra play but since I’m static and can’t move it ends up feeling like the game is on rails.

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You’ll never satisfy everyone but I think I finite satisfied the most players it could with its mechanics. Sprint isn’t too powerful, clamber and sprint were added from 5. Equipment/abities got added back but with limited uses so 3 and 4 fans can be happy.

To some people yes but, as I mentioned, overall it seems like the overwhelming majority enjoy the core gameplay. Not trying to say you’re wrong for preferring another style, just how it is. People have a long list of issues with Infinite at the moment, but it’s very rare that I see one of those problems being the gameplay design. In fact, it seems like more often than not people are praising the gameplay as the redeeming quality despite the other issues.

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There is a reason why the strafe changed in infinite. It was to accomodate for the lack of a thruster. There is a reason why the maps are stretched out in infinite. It was so that Sprint could work. If you notice maps like the rig in halo 5 have a tighter design to them. And then we have the lunge. When two players only have Sprint the lunge is garenteed. The thruster broke that by being able to thrust away. Same with grenades. The grenades feel worse than ever because you are static.
This is a modern shooter. It’s not Halo 3 where the only useful gun was the br and power weapons. Every weapon is useful just like Halo 5 was. There is a lot of little things that get affected by the way the gameplay is now. I’ve seen posts pop up here and there that explains this feeling. Where people just tend to Sprint at you and melee you. No collision doesn’t help either but in halo infinite a lot of battles are ending in trades or with a melee and grenades. I would say all of that is what people get kills with more than anything else. It’s annoying in ways like someone picking up an equipment before you. Esspically if they phased thru you to get said equipment. Sure some people might like it but we seen a major player dip. I don’t think that many people are interested in it as you think

On top of that good gameplay isn’t an excuse for lack of content.

Tweaks and balancing issues aren’t the same as fundamentally overhauling how the game plays. Yeah, the numbers are dipping but I believe that has far more to do with bugs, desync, microstransactions, and poor progression systems. Not to mention the lack of content, as you pointed out. I’m not sure whether you meant that as some sort of counterpoint because lack of content and gameplay are two separate issues. I agree that the game is lacking with content overall which is why we’re seeing drop offs. There’s just not a lot to do, despite the gameplay being fun.

I mean, sprint is actually worse than just walking in Infinite so…

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I agree. I think classic is far more interesting

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Blow it out your -Yoink!-

I think that if they’d add Halo 5’s Spartan abilities to the game, allow fine-tuning of the weapons and their appearances, fix custom games and add a browser to it, there would be less people complaining about Infinite not being like Halo 5, especially when the Forge arrives.

Adding custom progression-creation tools with a randomization option to custom games would probably help a lot as well.