A Memorial for the Rookie

This is probably a dumb thing to post on the forums, but it would be nice to see a little memorial or reference to the Rookie from ODST especially in the New Mombasa maps. I’m sure not many people know about his death unless they read the books (which to be honest, they did him very dirty).


Why provide a memorial to a character who isn’t dead? Last we saw Rookie he was alive and flying away from New Mombasa in a stolen phantom.

I consider the books to be glorified fanfiction and as non-canonical as that implies, and no 343i marketing exec or hired gun author is going to tell me different.

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Bungie would approve of that perspective.

And while I think fan-fiction is a bit of a stretch, the books should be self-contained stories separate from the games. One of the weirdest things about Halo 4 and 5 is their reliance on the novels.

The Rookie was a big enough character that he should have been killed on-screen, not quickly in a novel the force Buck into Osiris.

It would’ve been nice if Rookie was the one to join Osiris, but that’s just wishful thinking.

The first three books were great until Reach retconned the first novel and ever since it’s been a weird tug of war between the two mediums which is odd and uncomfortable at best for die-hard fans that eat up all the content. I can respect the books but when I’m required to have read some to understand the greater story of the games. That’s almost as bad as all of Destiny’s lore being online and not in game