A mech suit that mimics spartan movement

I have no real problem with the Mantis, as far as mech designs go. but I feel like as we get more and more agile, vehicles need to change to fit that better. It would be cool if the mantis were replaced by a style of mech suit that is more human-shaped, and thus can jump and thrust and generally act like a bigger and stronger version of a player, instead of a more traditional tank-style vehicle.

(This kind of applies to other vehicles, I think that the tanks and warthogs need to be more agile in their own way to match the gameplay better, but that’s another subject)

The concept of getting inside a larger armor that interfaces with your HUD like the suit from fallout, I think that’s a really cool thing presentationally as well as for gameplay.

That’s pretty cool idea , mobile suit Halo or something.

I feel like we should have had the Cyclops in or something, love the Mantis, but feel like there could be more to be done or something, you know?

So Mk II?

You mean like this?

Tough luck we’ve been waiting for Prototype MKII to be out for awhile now…

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> That’s pretty cool idea , mobile suit Halo or something.

Yes, exactly. More like an agile gundam than the clunky (but still cool) Titanfall mechs.

(also thanks everyone for not just yelling ‘this just sounds like a titanfall ripoff’ in this thread)

Also, about the prototype mark 2 suit, I get why they didn’t put that exact one in. It’s cool, but its weapons were super OP, and it would be hard to justify why the in-game version looked the same but wasn’t as powerful. They need a fresh start with a new design.