A lot of my female friends are weirded out by not having the ability to look like themselves

A lot of the girls I play with, (on discord not giving out names so they aren’t harassed) are really disappointed with the body type sliders not representing female genders at all. I tried to tell them that they can change the voices and while they agreed you can, none of the body types look like there is a Woman under the armor just guys with different waist sizes.

After talking with them and the extreme lack of quality and customization options many of them believe the theory that the choice to remove females from the game was not because of inclusion but, out of laziness so they don’t have to align armor differently based on gender/actual body differences. The trans people we know also hate not being able to pick the gender they identify with and feels that 343 is making fun of them by placing with in Male bodies with fake voices.

Please 343 bring back the Gender options it really is hampering customization, the community and the promise to be any Spartan you want not just Male Spartan with a voice changer.


I see these threads a lot, but does it really matter what your Spartan’s waist looks like? You can hardly see anything else under the armor… There’s small, medium and large size… do we really need more than this?


I’m not saying it’s not laziness. But one thing that is odd, is that the engine supports rescaling different pieces of armor. Ever see the cute Chubby Spartan mod? I suggest checking out the YouTube video purely because of how goofy it looks. Anyways, I mention it because that mod features rescaled armor using the same models and textures already in the game. The engine handles resizing then just fine. They definitely could have rescaled armor if they really care about inclusivity.

I’m also a woman who doesn’t feel represented by what we have in game. I honestly would probably be okay with Type 1 (though I’d prefer a more feminine option) if the armor rescaled to match the smaller frame, but as you pointed out, it does not.


Small has armor they doesn’t fit. Mark V in the past had noticeable size differences and this game doesn’t, even though the MK V in game is literally old armor that was retrofitted with new tech. Also, people aren’t happy with the options we have. That’s really all that need be said. People don’t feel represented, and they have a right to voice their concerns.


I get females being annoyed by not having a more feminine looking spartan but most of the people I see complaining about it aren’t females, they are males who just want the big booties from Reach back. They don’t care about the female body itself, they just want the butts. You can have a feminine looking body without big butts


I mean I’m more weirded out that BTB still ain’t up.


I’m not saying that someone doesn’t deserve to be heard… but how many options do we really need? There’s small, medium and large. If the armor doesn’t scale on the small body, then all 343 needs to do is slightly scale it up to cover a tiny bit more of the under skin.

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One, just because some of the people are guys who wanted bigger butts it doesn’t mean there aren’t legit women who want representation. I’m one, so are the people OP is talking about. Some people wanting it for other reasons shouldn’t drown out our concerns.

Two, who cares if aome people want more feminine Spartans for that reason? It doesn’t bother me why someone likes something. This game emphasized player expression and customization. They marketed it on that. They touted better customization than Reach. And I have to tell you, I don’t feel they have lived up to those statements. People aren’t happy with what they have in this game.


Well I said earlier I would personally find type 1 acceptable if the armor scales to fit it. Honestly though, I think just two more body types would do based on everyone I’ve talked to. It seems non-binary people are happy with what we have. But some men and women would like a more masculine and a more feminine option. People aren’t asking for 50 different body types. Just two more that are more in line with past Halo games. Also, with armor there actually fits.


It is a weird step back for them for sure. Many people say that it doesn’t matter because it is a first person shooter but, with customization and your spartan being so forward facing you see yourself in the main menu, matchmaking, before and after each match and round and so much more.

Many people making those arguments that it doesn’t matter when it very obviously does to many people and 343 making your appearance so prominent in every menu and match it is very weird. I mean if customization didn’t matter it wouldn’t be the main thing that is sold to us through the store.

I don’t know why so many people against inclusion and diversity of gender options in how our Spartan looks. It is really weird and concerning that people are afraid to add Women into Halo when the Gender options are a long standing option in the franchise.

Again I think this could be a laziness thing and possibly not a direct attack on Gender Identity but many people are not happy with being forced to play as a Male with fake voices. Especially for those of the trans community where it seems more like an insult to force them to be Male with a “female sounding voice”, it is like a insult you would hear being thrown at them and is odd to see it in a game like Halo with a company like 343 who wants to encourage females to make their Spartan regardless of birth gender, to not allow them to make their Spartan female.


I was literally saying I understand why people want a female representation, what I was disagreeing with is most of the guys who are complaining about it don’t care about representing females, all they care about is seeing butts.
Don’t know why you had to lecture me on why it was ok to want female representation since I literally said I was ok with that, lol

I think we’re gonna need some gender studies undergrad to start writing a new entry in the Halo literary universe where we cover the lore implications of non-binary and trans spartans, because that is a super large part of our society right now and we need to focus on these social constructs in a game about human annihilation from aliens.

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I guess so, two more options won’t hurt but I doubt people feeling misrepresented will end it there.

It seems like it’s not that important to even worry about because you see other people’s Spartans more than you see your own, unless you sit in the menus for a while or cherish those 5 seconds before and after a match. And even if you are looking at your Spartan… you still barely see the underbody.

We don’t have a Skin color option, so should I feel misrepresented there? It would be nice to be able ot select a skin color and know it’s under that armor representing me personally…

They took Gender options for the body types away because people felt misrepresented lol go figure.
Now they added a small, medium and large instead… and still somehow misrepresented someone.

Maybe I did go too far. I just hear people mentioning the fact that some guys apparently find the Spartans attractive. And personally, I don’t care if they do. I think it’s a non-issue.


In my mind a Spartan is not representing me, but rather a spartan in the universe.

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No way man. I play with women as well and it sucks that they feel left out. Their fun effects our fun just like our fun effects their fun when we play together. If a male feels left out it could effect a women’s fun too. Niether should feel left out

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The problem is that the body types dont reflect a gender at all, all it changes is waist size and everything else stays the same.
Even worse on fracture cores it doesnt change at all.
A genuine female body type would be appreciated by almost everyone except you it seems.
Hate that this argument is stomped out because of people drooling over the reach female spartan, we can have female looking spartans without dumptrucks.
Wider hips, larger thighs, bigger glutes, skinnier arms etc etc

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Why don’t you wait until they add them and see if people still complain? This sounds a lot like a slippery slope argument.

And with the body types, I know they have three now. I know that’s more than ever. But they took away the more masculine and femine options we used to have. People aren’t happy with that. If those get added back and people still aren’t happy, maybe I’ll join your side of the argument, but for now, I’m gonna ask for more representation.

And I don’t understand why you say it’s not important. They marketed this game on cosmetics. Their Insider Infinite articles talked a ton about cosmetics. The first Insider Infinite was almost all about cosmetics, how their would be tons of customization options. They have tons of cosmetic promos. When they market cosmetics this heavily, can you really blame people playing the game for caring?

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Isn’t there a very feminine stance available? It’s not much but I always associate that stance with being female.

May be designing the current Spartan options is more about personalising colours, stances, accessories and the body build options rather than defining body parts…thus their design intention could be gender neutral?

Edit: I actually forgot the main point I was going to make which is…hit boxes. May be they found that having a slighter smaller figure would mess with the hit boxes. We already have players complaining that missed shots register damage, so there would be even more of that if the character model didn’t actually fill the hit box…this would cause aim issues for those shooting at the smaller model plus players complaining that they were taking damage even if players were missing their shots on the character but hitting the hit box.

Most guys, at least most of the ones I’ve seen

Definitely it is ok. But I’m just saying, most of them could care less about female representation, they just want the butts.

Never said otherwise