A lot of Challenges need to be taken out / reworked

The kill with a certain gun ones, play a certain que ones, and win games ones I’m ok with. But a lot of the these are horrible like telling us to play a certain game type when we have no choice of what the Que puts us in, it could be CTF or Slayer etc.

Even worse are the “knock an enemy off the edge of the map with a repulsor” , kill an enemy player with a sniper rifle after they have been launched in a man cannon.” etc.

I just have one where I need to detect 3 people with a single threat sensor FIVE times. I spent an entire big team game camping the threat sensor spawn and trying and couldn’t even get 1/5 done. And the biggest issue with this is when I would normally be playing objectives I wasn’t, when normally I would take a shot I wouldn’t, I would shoot the threat sensor in the hops that randomly 3 people were standing close enough together and in range of the sensor. And that’s an issue with a lot of these absurdly specific challenges.

At least in theory the kill with a gun type isn’t changing your objective, its just getting you to use a gun you normally wouldn’t use.

Edit: Unlocked a reroll and rerolled and got a even more absurd challenge of killing 3 people while carrying the ball in oddball so not only do i need to randomly get the right game type but also I need to pull of an amazing feet 3 times


Yeah, I have to do 5 “Flapjack” medals… I’m just not gonna play at this point, it’s just too much to lvl up.


I can’t believe that’s an actual challenge. Yikes.

I hope this system is fixed just to help this beloved game save face. EXP progression, more sensible challenges, a more expansive challenge system (like COD Warzone with tens or hundreds of possibilities to claim points), and market coins in the BP levels is my suggestion.

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100% agree. Challenges need to not interfere with gameplay.
Also, some medals don’t apply to relevant challenges… I got a challenge for “back smack enemies 3 times.” I ended up getting a medal called Sneak King (back smack an enemy who has active camo) and it didn’t count for the challenge. So there is that.

Unless they add options for game types like they did in MCC and past games, they should outright disable objective based challenges. Some challenges are just so specific that you affectively have to rely on RNG to even get a chance to get it done. And even if some of them are doable they can also be so situational that you’ll be forced to challenge swap (if you have one available), and even then, sometimes the new challenge isn’t any better.

The current progression system is just too difficult and slow, and I feel as though it’s unacceptable for launch. I at least hope they get a better system running come Dec 8th at least. And it better happen soon after Beta because we’re getting to experience this well over the planned 3 months, but DOUBLE that.

It also doesn’t help that some of them are BUGGED and don’t even track.


The easiest thing 343i can do, and proven worked already, is to just follow MCC PVP challenge.
They’re more agnostic to weapon/mode. Multikills, assist, stay alive, can be done on every match.

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