A little Halo 4 terminal error

While I was playing Halo 4 on the MCC, I was looking for the terminals which now show up on the Halo Channel while playing the game, but there is a little error I came across by. When I unlocked terminal 3, “Charum Hakkor”, instead of showing the video were the Didact and Librarian are talking about the devolved humans on the installation, it shows terminal 4 instead were the Didact is speaking to an aged Lord of Admirals. And once I located the 4th terminal in the game, it takes me to the 4th video again were it should be.

I ended the game and went straight to the channel app, I go to the Halo 4 terminals and I again watch terminal 3 but it shows terminal 4 instead. So as of now I’ve got 2 videos showing “Flood”. Is this just a little bug in the channel I just have to wait out for it to be fixed or is there something I have to do on my end to fix this little error?

Does anybody know or is this error still unknown?

This is happening for me as well.

Will forward this information to the content team! Thank you for the report and updates.

Happens to me as well.