A list of needed things for halo 5

Let me start off by saying I don’t know all of what’s needed obviously so please put what else you think is needed
1-Warzone reqs in forge, this would make for some interesting maps
3- A community playlist, any map made by the community like races, mini games, or btb maps could go here if players want something a little different.
4-Larger forge maps, these small maps are hard to work with, for example I tried making a UNSC frigate but scrapped the map because I didn’t have enough room.
5-More balanced war zone- Most matches feel very one sided.

All but 5. I’m not against Warzone having better matching, but I just don’t see the need. Almost all of my games feel very balanced.

I want a better carnage report

I think some changes should be made to have loadouts. it like the way they went with the reqs, but i think you should be able to pick which permanent weapon you start with. not earn it. It would be cool to have certain grenades, special abilities, and weapons and more that you want to spawn with.

I agree, if they won’t add all the warzone reqs in then just the legendary or mythic ones. And I have a good idea for balancing warzone, add in some skill rank, but don’t base matchmaking on it, base teams on it. So you won’t pile a bunch of onyx ranks on one team, a team should consist of ranks from iron to onyx (or pro) on both teams, and say there is three onyx players in a game, the team with only one onyx might have one or two more diamond players than the team with two onyx players. Again don’t base matchmaking on skill, only team building.