A List, a roadmap, add what you want, don't argue

  • remove scope glint
  • fix desync
  • custom games server browser/matchmaking
  • forgeable AI with commands
  • decrease the arcing range of lightning nades to add some skill to them at a minimum
  • custom color shaders
  • cross core parts for every core(there is no reason to limit this and it has been proven due to an early “bug”)
  • bring back the Manglers 1 shot 1 punch kill (the one thing really done right with this was removed?!)
  • grapple jack counter needs to come back(again, you do it right and remove it?! remove scopt glint)
  • remove the red glow BS and allow players to hear and notice when the vehicles will blow.

Add to the list people…let’s make 343 a roadmap since they don’t seem to be able to…9 months after launch

Desync fix.

Forge. With a guild set up to support in Waypoint.

Change the scale of the CSR to Bronze 1 to Onyx 10 (60 ranks) and cap it at Onyx 10. Stops the toxic grind for meaningless CSR points.

Add an XP rank. Weighted to performance (kills, medals, score).

Make the weekly challenge a huge cumulative score. Then add multipliers for winning, completing consecutive games, playing each day, first game in each mode for the day, and participating in events. You could have daily, or even hourly, bonuses - eg. x1.2 for assists for the next hour. You can sell times multipliers or hourly bonuses to suit your type of play.

Make the store about individual items - and then let us make our own bundles (the more you add the cheaper it gets).

Change the coating system. Have grey scale patterns (coatings) you apply to an armour before adding a colour wheel (splashings). You can combine any coating with any splashing. But they are single use. You have to buy / earn more.

Bring back Spartan Clans.

Focus on damage based stats. Break them down for and against. Effective (leading to a kill) and escaped. Over distance. Per weapon (or at least type of weapon). Projectile vs melee vs grenade. First contact vs finishing. While jumping. Show them off post game as awards; eg. MVP is the person with the most damage in the game that led to a kill.

Fix games which end up 3v4 (or worse). Don’t start the game 3v4 - ever. Add in rejoin for ranked - for those times it was genuine glitch. If the game has to continue - could we make it 3v3 on the field and have the 4 team rotate a player off the bench for each kill. And if you really must play out the next ten minutes 4v3 could we either switch the game to Slayer (which is the most tolerable with uneven numbers) or at least remove power weapons and equipment off the map (gives the smaller team a chance to breathe).

Did I mention desync?

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For now, clearing the first 4 points will make the game much more enjoyable.

Regarding the Dynamo grenade, it needs to be changed into an equipment with 1 stock and placed in more exposed areas for either base. These guys are the BANE of vehicular enjoyment in BTB and need to be seriously nerfed or reworked.

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PvE Modes, more BTB maps and playlists.

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Larger weapon sandbox (at least as big as h5)

Campaign dlc

No more fomo in store ( give option to buy all previously released store items)

Larger vehicle sandbox (again, at least as big as h5)

Playable elites/brutes, and pvp gamemodes that put spartans vs brutes/elites

What I would like to see and what 343 will do are two totally separate things.

Making a list won’t help anyone. 343 has shown their true self on where they stand with the player base that they are going to stick with this broken model, and only put minimal effort into the game to try to keep players at ease.

The shop, The SP, and the F2p MP should have been a after thought. Their priority should have been trying to make a quality type of game, period.

In the following Order:

  1. Fix The Custom Games Area
  2. Custom Game Browser
  3. Forge
  4. Be able to save our Maps, Mods, Game Modes to our own storage devices in Forge
  5. Would be nice to have our own Dedicated Game Server like we had in Halo Combat Evolved , Halo CE , Halo 2 and Halo Online.
  6. To be able to remove all soft and kill barriers in stock maps with Forge.

That is it for now. I’m sure there will be more in the future.

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

#1 priority for me is campaign content updates

  • Add full player collision
  • Remove friendly fire in social modes
  • Add the shotgun, SAW
  • Allow for custom games to set overriding player colours like infection used to
  • turn on player collision

  • fix dysync

  • loosen up the sbmm in casual

  • fix custom games and theater

  • add the classic pump shotgun

  • give the gravity hammer its launching properties back

  • remove sniper glint

  • add playable elites

  • add infection(with the infectedbeing the flood and let the infected use weapons) , grifball and race

  • add bigger maps or at least one that’s the size of forge world

  • change the store to allow you to buy anything at any time instead of having fomo

  • add more body types(inb4 thread gets locked because of this) ie a bigger body along the lines of jorge and or a more feminine option along the lines of kat

  • stop adding unnecessary weapons into game modes ie the whole team snipers fiasco

  • unlock the stuff from the hcs kits and allow us to use the stuff inside them

  • stop reusing the same colors over and over

  • add a proper progression system

  • change the co op models so they use the mp Spartans

  • cross core for everything

  • stop using emblems to pad out multiple slots in bundles/battlepasses

  • more maps

  • remove the stupid red glow when vehicles are about to explode

  • bring back the classic purple/blue explosions that covenant vehicles had

  • stop having teams having different vehicles at their bases in btb

  • custom games browser

  • party up and map voting

  • proximity chat and lobby chat

  • file share

  • a actual live service

That’s all the things i could list on the top of my head

Edit: forgot to add this

  • fix the grenades and rocket launcher so the rockets and grenades don’t just vanish out of nowhere

Adding on:

  • Make sure the custom AI we select is the one we are hearing instead of giving us voice lines from unselected AI (BUTLR)
  • Prevent the “CONGRATULATIONS” notification from from showing up after every single game for those who have completed the Premium Battle Pass
  • Enable player collision for both enemies and teammates

I’ve completed the free Battle Pass and I get an annoying notification after every single game too, suggesting I buy the Premium Battle Pass. If you have any uncompleted past Battle Passes, the game needs to auto-equip one of those instead of just equipping the current season’s pass when that has already been completed. If (in future, when there have been more seasons) you have more than one incomplete Battle Pass then it should either auto-equip the most-recent incomplete pass or, preferably, let you choose from a list which one you want to equip.

If you have completed all the Battle Passes, then there needs to be something else to do with the XP. Perhaps let us store-up XP grants for use in future seasons, or allow us to bank them and exchange them for in-game credits for buying Premium Battle Passes and Store items (say give us 50 in-game coins for every 1,000 XP once all Battle Passes are completed).

Besides the obvious stuff like Forge, Co-op, new game modes etc., I’d like to know the road map for new weapons to be added to the game. Weapons, equipment, and vehicles are pretty barebones right now to be honest.

SIGNIFICANT reduction in SBMM in social matches. Playing off your A game is not permitted as it stands. And I hate that.

Ranked overhaul - focus on contribution to a game, not purely how many kills per minute you can get

Theatre mode fixes - it doesn’t work. So many bugs and glitches it may as wel not be in the game

Progressions system - you need a reason to play long term. Battle passes won’t do it.

Forge - looking forward to the release. Hoping for limited micro transactions if any at all

Unbalanced weapon spawns should be fixed. A BR for one team and a commando for the other is not an even start to the game.

Connectivity issues - could be due to obsession with strict sbmm, but either way connections in this game aren’t great.

New maps - the game needs to be kept fresh

New weapons - the game needs to be kept fresh

Firefight - I would love firefight. But we need a browser to find games or it will be pointless

Custom game browser - no point in having custom games if you can’t find one.

Cross core customisation - particularly armour coatings

There is much more but I’m sure others will fill in the gaps

Number 1 for me is Campaign split-screen co-op, once that is added I plan to actually buy the game.

Other things I’d like to see include giving anyone who has purchased the campaign free Premium Battle Pass access forever, or at least 2,000 in-game coins (allowing the purchase of the season 1 & 2 Premium Battle Passes and therefore 1,000 coins earned during season 2 to spend on the next-season’s Premium pass and hopefully they will continue to include coins in each pass at least until some big content (such as a map pack which would have been paid DLC in a previous HALO title) is included). I believe Infinite can still be bought on a disc just like the previous games - these included full access to multiplayer content for the price so I think it’s fair to include both Campaign and Multiplayer (Premium Battle Pass) content in that purchase price for Infinite.


  • Add red reticule on PC
  • Provide option for legacy aim-assist
  • Add response curves for controller


  • Fix desync
  • Revert LSS changes
  • Mode selector like MCC
  • Remove scope glint
  • Custom mode/server browser
  • More PVE/mulitplayer co-op


  • Cross-core everything possible
  • Custom colour palettes
  • Shop overhaul to catalogue
  • Extend customisation to Covenant weapons and vehicles

Crossplay toggle.
Remove bad challenges
Separate weekly reward from challenges. (Having to complete all challenges for nothing to earn the reward when your BP is already maxed is obnoxious.)
Separate Event challenges from regular challenges.
Shop Catalog
Crosscore everything