A limit on exp?

Had a friend ask me about this and it got me curious. Now, I only hit the credit cap on Reach about…5 times? Maybe? And that was after playing ALL day. All being 200k.

Will Halo 4 do the same with the exp system? After beating Campaign, I plan on doing multiplayer for a good 12 hours+. Will there be a point where I get capped on my exp?

I will be doing the exact same thing as you.

And i think so not sure.

I’m going straight into Campaign on Legendary but, right after that (or if I get super stuck, which ever comes first) I will be jumping into some MM. I’ve hit the cap about 5 times as well but I don’t think I have ever put in a session as long as I am going to when I first step into Halo 4 MM, so I hope there is no cap.

However, there probably will be considering Wetworks and Pioneer are the only specializations available at launch AND we have to hit SR-50 before we can even get to them.

I don’t have an answer to your question, and I know this isn’t the topic of the thread but I don’t think it deserved it’s own. However the answer to the OP question will probably dictate the answer to mine.

To add to the OP question, if there is a cap and since we’re almost all going to no-life it the first day/week. Doesn’t that defeat the value of 2X exp matches? I mean if I’m going to hit the limit anyway.

I think it wound be smarter to only use 2X exp matches on days you can’t play a lot. Of coarse you could always do campaign until your credit limit is reset.

I have a similar plan.

  1. Start my spartan career.
  2. Play a round or 2 of Flood.
  3. Start campaign on Legendary.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

As for the capping, it hasn’t been mentioned.