a letter from the slow internet community

dear 343i,

instead of focusing on making the game overly complicated with who knows what you want to add as well as overdetailed maps why dont you instead put focus on simplifying it in order to get rid of lag.

yours truly, the slow internet community

walmart connect up in hur.

detail etc dont contribute to lag as far as i know, seeing as all that is on the disc / your xbox.

either way, if you don’t have cable to play an online game with your kind of in the stone age. content shouldn’t be dulled because you aren’t up to the standard :stuck_out_tongue:

I would scream “Get better interwebz n00bz” at the top of my voice. But the thing is, you have a point. I’m not sure on the numbers but I think in Reach a simple 5X5 block had a polycount of 200.

That’s ridiculous.

Detailed maps don’t cause games to lag when playing online. Frame Rate issues are known to have problems when the texture of a map is too much for what the Hardware is capable of doing. It would cause FPS lag and would also ruin the gameplay experience.

I have a 1 Mbps connection (yeah It sucks), but I’m still able to win matches. Usually, I average about <249ms in ping time.