A Lacking Experience - My Problem with Halo 5

Please take in to consideration what I have to say on the matter and keep an open mind.

While the game itself has problems within it’s own content, the biggest factor for me is that it caters to a multiplayer audience first with actual players on an individual basis some place further down the road. It’s like having that one guy who generalises you amongst other people and assumes you all like to do the same things which leads you to being dragged to some group activity you never really felt like doing. I’ve felt with Halo 5 I’ve been getting the message ‘Bring your own fun (in the form of others with their own Xbox Ones) because the more the merrier!’ and while that may be true, when the entire game is catered to fostering a feel of community rather than both that and treating individuals on the same level, it just collapses in on itself. People won’t feel invested in the game if they’re pressurized to involve others merely to get some enjoyment out of it.

I’m not really interested in any other games out there at the moment and I’ve got nothing on the backlog and Halo just isn’t offering anything for me but the same dishes. If you want something new, they’ve got to take away the main course first so they can assess whether you like the new thing or not and that’s just a pain to have to deal with. I understand the need to cater to a new or different audience, but even on a critical level where I do my best to hold no bias, I find the game hollow with shallow promises of greater journeys to come. I want to hear of things Halo-related beyond the walls of these forums. Beyond the few adverts placed here and there on Twitch and Youtube that crop up from time to time. Beyond the occasional visit to sites like Reddit by one or two members of staff. I’m just not able to take things from here seriously when so little is pushed with no one standing out from the crowd to let everyone know when something is really happening.

The loudest voices coming out from you guys are in the form of The Sprint or an over-reliance on the handful of Halo-themed youtubers that continue to support the franchise. There are no new folks there to speak for the game - no fresh faces in this community to speak of. Whatever you put out there appears to be weekly, bi-weekly or worse. Halo isn’t being talked about and I can’t rely on these now-pushed youtubers to do the talking for you anymore.

I just want a sign of understanding on this point.

I need to push this thread in to notice because I’m not comfortable with leaving it having no discussion.

If anyone does happen to see this whilst browsing, pop in and post if you wish or drop me a message.

Perhaps I should try again but keep things clear, open and blank.
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I agree. It could be so much more.

I’ve decided to make a new thread over here for a more open discussion with members of the various communities in support of the Halo Franchise.

Honestly what I want to see is Firefight I don’t like the Idea of Warzone PvE because still I can’t just play with friends. I’d like to see a very heavily refined Firefight mode.