A.I.s for The Banished or an individual Sangheili?

I was thinking about how a few Spartans had some A.I.s as well as a few notable ships for the UNSC. Heck even a science division had Isabel (A.I. within Halo Wars 2) However, the Covenant as a whole only had 1 A.I. known. Which from what I know, “lived” throughout every or almost every ship, station, soldier, etc of the Covenant. Assuming, when the Gravemind and other flood took over High Charity, that A.I. fell along with it. But what if an individual from a Covenant Remnant or The Banished had an A.I. whether personal or “military-wide” Any thoughts?

Its far more possible now at least that some factions of former Covies no longer hold to the Prophets religious dogma.

The Banished lack the technolgy to produce an smart AI and the UNSC most liklely didnt share their technology with the SoS.

The Covenant banned AI due to a tale of an AI(Mendicant Bias) betraying the Forerunners and didn’t want it to happen to them.

The Covenant’s knowledge in the field of AI technology is notably inferior to that of the UNSC and the Forerunners.[45] The AIs used by the Covenant are comparable to human “dumb” AIs, as they are non-sentient and are only designed to perform a certain task; for example, their starship AIs have no function beyond the piloting and navigation of their ships.[46] So far, only two types of Covenant AIs (security and naval) have ever been encountered by the UNSC. Upon dissecting a Covenant AI aboard the Ascendant Justice, Cortana theorized that it may have been based on captured UNSC technology, altered to fit within their theocratic society.[47][48]
The Covenant’s limited use and understanding of AIs stems from their beliefs. In Covenant mythology, it was a form of self-aware AI, referred to as an associated intelligence, that led to the demise of the great Forerunner civilization by defecting to their enemies, the Flood. As a result, the San’Shyuum imposed a ban on this sort of technology under the penalty of death.[2] While less sophisticated AIs were allowed, machines that could actually “think” were prohibited.[49]

Known Covenant AIs