A.I. enemies with binary rifles? No.

Dat binary is not cool for single player. I’m shaving years off my life doing SLASO because of this unfair garbage. Give them the sight laser like everybody else to warn me that I’m about to be melted. That tiny circle around their heads is not noticeable when I have a rave light-show fanfare in my face. Same with Spartan Ops. I’d like to not be forced to be killed just to learn these things.

If you see a red circle on their face, your going to have a bad time.

^ i see what you did thar.

Good, so I’m not the only one who thinks the campaign is bs. At least on legendary. Yeah… there’s no replay value in getting sniped 3 times in a row, or having a checkpoint INSIDE an exploding banshee… My campaign was F’d up!

> If you see a red circle on their face, your going to have a bad time.

If. If I see a red circle I might not have a bad time.

When you don’t see the red circle on their head, you’re gonna have a bad time.

The Prometheans are just lame enemies, IMHO. They’re not at all challenging, just immensely frustrating.

A fuel rod cannon you can actually get away from, incineration cannon? Not so much. Beam rifle Jackals? Annoying, but even on Legendary they mostly just go for the body. Binary rifle? Doesn’t matter; you’re dead and have no idea where they were. Scattershot + teleportation? I don’t even really need to get into that one.

Also, Watchers. That’s all.

I actually never noticed AIs with binary rifles, and im 2 levels from my first run to finish the campaign, my first run is also my legendary run

I found the Jackal Snipers much more troublesome. There is always more than one and a hell of a lot of infantry with them.

Well don’t fight them with your face. Focus on the main threat then the lesser.

It’s not bs its just thought that you need to apply.

It’s not as bad as Jackal snipers in Halo 2.

I’m okay with it, especially on a legendary play-through. I only get really aggravated by them when I find myself without any precision weapons and a whole lot of ground to cover to close that gap.

Then I create colorful expletives previously unheard in polite society and try to convince myself that my controller is broken.

I pity the fool who thinks these are worse than Halo 2 Jackal snipers. Doesn’t matter where they hit you- Legendary or above, you’re probably dead. Especially if you’re doing SLASO.

Watchers are the single most annoying enemy in the history of Halo. They combine the two most aggravating attributes any enemy can have:

They Fly.

They Run away.

Why 343 decided to make these little a-holes is beyond me and it is beyond frustrating when you’ve shot one just to have it fly away like a little… I’m sorry, I can’t think of a big enough insult for them. I’d need to invent a whole new word to describe how much I hate them.

Yeah spending 5 minutes fighting teleporting kinghts on legendary is about all it takes to make me wish I had 5 minutes in a dark alley with whoever first said, “Oh I know, lets make them teleport away from danger to recharge their shield when they are in danger.”

> Well don’t fight them with your face. Focus on the main threat then the lesser.
> It’s not bs its just thought that you need to apply.

Oh Don’t fight them with my face? Oh snap I didn’t think of that. I’ll try sending letters and angry voicemails, maybe some fart noises.

All you’ve done here is passive-aggressively announce that you’re better than everybody who has ever been killed by this gun. So very dense.

Agreed that the watchers suck, I hate them all and they tend to be the first thing I go after. Although I got to admit the Prometheans do make the Campaign much more challenging plus they’re one of the few enemies I love to hate. When 343 went to make a tougher enemy, they did their job a little too well.

Still, I burned through all those suckers on legendary solo (without skulls or that would have been awful). The Binary rifle guys I ended up just side-swiping, they have lots of trouble hitting a fast moving target especially at mid-range.

I actually had more trouble during the mission Reclaimer, that just gave me so much grief at the part where Phantoms just keep dropping in a never ending supply of Wraiths and ghosts.

You guys are really complaining about the hardest difficulty being too hard? -_-

Blame the community. Many of us, asked for a even harder legendary mode and enemies.

Feel free to blame me. :smiley:

I enjoyed Halo 4’s legendary solo run. Prometheons Provided a new challenge.

Crawler Snipers. They look just like normal Crawlers, so you don’t know which one out of the twenty attacking you is doing the sniping.

Best advice? Take cover.

I’m not against them having Binary rifles. I am against not seeing that they have Binary rifles like you can in MM.

Use oblique cover and long range, precision headshots. “I’d rather not die to learn things.” I suggest playing on easy if that’s what you’re after. Which there’s no shame in. I am not an elitist. Gaming should be for everyone. That’s why we have difficulty levels. But expect challenge and death on Heroic or higher. That’s the entire point.