A huge problem (343 plz read)

im not sure if anyone has noticed this but for anyone in australia or maybe even countries outside of the U.S recently there has been alot more lag in halo 5.
i believe this started post the meridian update but i can’t say for certain, due to absence from gaming i only noticed the problem on the 24th.

this lag is costing me matches e.t.c and im getting sick of it. im sure many other people are tired of this as well. is there any reason this is happening and more importantly can this be fixed. i have stuck with this game since launch despite its problems but if this keeps up, this will be the straw that breaks the camels back.

i don’t want that to happen so please 343, fix this.

They removed region lock for AUS. Which means you are now connecting to servers in the US. It’s been noticed and there are a lot of threads created asking for it to be fixed.
There was always some lag but now its a lot worse.
Our hope is that a Region select will be added in future updates.
I agree though the straws are building.
I have reduced my time playing in Arena since the removal of Region lock as well.

There is lag for US players as well. My banshee was rubber banding all over the place in WZ game this evening.

Yes this problem is becoming a world wide problem now… Its spreading like wildfire! I totally quit playing arena. And wz tonight was awful… Will this ever end!

There’s lots of threads about this already.