A huge list of ideas for Forge and custom games.

This is a repost of an old thread I made about a month ago. I’m reposting it in a more appropriate place, and I hope to get more replies this time.
This is one of my first posts on the Waypoint forums, and I intend to make it a good one. I’m hopefully fairly well-known on Bungie’s Reach forums (you’ll probably at least recognize my profile picture, the pink mark of shame, if you’re a regular there) as Scmitar1. I have read through the forum rules, and though I don’t believe this thread is in violation of any, feel free to lock or remove it if it is breaking any rules.
This is a list of proposed features for any Forge or Custom Games modes that Halo 4- (and indeed, any future titles from 343), may include. I have tried to make my suggestions reasonable, without any ridiculous ideas.

-Terrain Themes- This is a simple one. I’m suggesting a non-interactive object (like an FX orb) that changes the terrain of the map around it, within a radius. This could change a grassy area to a snowy one, or change trees from green to orange. It’s a simple idea, but one that would make maps much more interesting to play.
-Area FX- Again, simple. This would add an FX (much like the FX orbs seen in Reach) that only affects a certain area, determined by the forger. However, instead of just simply changing the lighting, these could have other effects- smoke, snow, rain, even fire. There would also be a ‘dark’ FX, making the map dark, not by changing the colour scheme like Reach’s Purple FX, but making it properly dark, like some campaign missions from Halo 1, 2 and 3.
-Object themes- To fit with terrain themes, object themes could be implemented. There would be a variety of themes to choose from- they would not change the shape of the object in any dramatic way, but their appearance would be altered.
Themes could include a variety of forerunner, human and covenant styles- possibly even some flood themes. These would be the overall themes, but each one of these would have multiple other themes within them- Forerunner could have ‘Forerunner silver’, ‘Forerunner Gold’, ‘Forerunner ruin’, or ‘Forerunner snow’, for example.
-Despawn- Reach demonstrated a basic ability to ‘force-despawn’ objects, in invasion. Some Reach gametypes achieve a similar effect with the ‘insane’ gametype variants. I am proposing that Halo 4 should have this option at any time the player chooses- he could have walls that despawn, letting players into new areas, doors that open, bridges that collapse, anything you choose.
-Switches- In a similar manner to teleport channels in 3 and Reach, you can place switches than can force-spawn or force-despawn other objects set to the same channel. Switches can be like buttons, or they can activate simply by having a player near them.
-Lift aiming- This would work in a similar manner to teleporters- you set the ‘channel’ of the lift, then you can place several ‘aim spots’ that the lift would force the player through. You’d have to set the order of the ‘aim spots’, but the lift would send the player through all of them, in order. This would allow you to make lifts very precise- you could choose exactly where you want them to send players, removing the need for extra lifts to direct players on maps. You can also set the amount of force with which players are moved through these spots.
-Extra objects- There are some objects that really do need to be forgeable- for example, pelicans. You don’t have to be able to fly them, but to have them as scenery would be nice. Other necessities include phantoms, and breakable windows.


-Halo 2, 3 and Reach compatibility- Halo 4 should be compatible with Halo 2, 3 and Reach’s custom games- it should include all their features like equipment and armor abilities (though obviously not at the same time), for players to be able to use in custom games. I am not proposing that campaign and matchmaking use these features, but custom games should be able to. Halo 4 should also be able to emulate ALL custom games features from the previous games, as well as do more. You could also import your gametypes from Reach, Halo 3 or Halo 2. Things like player speed and gravity would be modified to perfectly emulate the games they’re from. When forging, you can set an option for the map to be a ‘Halo 2, 3 Reach or 4’ map, allowing you to place equipment from those games. Vehicles and weapons would be compatible across all gametypes and map types, only armor abilities/equipment would remain exclusive.
-Adding to halo 2, 3 and Reach compatibility- New armor abilities could be added, compatible with Reach’s gametypes. For example, a ‘flashlight’ armor ability which simply adds a flashlight to the player’s weapon. Or an EMP ability, like Halo 3’s power drain. There could also be additions to Halo 3’s gametypes, like new equipment such as a ‘slow field’, which would slow down players and vehicles that go in it.
-Force species- Infection isn’t quite as exciting when the zombies are just the player model, made green. In Reach, there’s no ‘elite CTF’, and we can’t make it ourselves either. We can’t force players to be particular species. Halo 4 should include this option- it would be easy to implement and would force players to play as a particular species. For example, we could have infection where the zombies are elites.
-Grenades- Much like melee attacks did in Reach, grenades should have their own damage modifier to be set by the player. Things like blast radius, fuse time and throw strength/throw gravity can be set as well. We can have long-fuse grenades with huge blast radii, or grenades that can be thrown ridiculous distances. Grenades can also be given other custom effects- you can turn it from a grenade into a flare if you want.
-Individual weapon modifiers- Individual weapons could be modified in custom games settings. If you want a gametype where the rocket launcher is less powerful, you can set it to 75% damage, for example. You can also set individual weapons to be infinite ammo/bottomless clip. Changes made will apply to all weapons in the game played- starting weapons and map weapons will both be affected.
-Individual weapon pickup- This would prevent certain players from picking up certain weapons- for example, infection where the humans can pick up weapons, but can’t pick up the zombie’s swords, or a special weapon that’s reserved for the last man only.
-Starting ammo- You should be able to set the ammo a player starts with- do you only give them one shot, or do you give them 5 clips? It’s up to you.
-Weapon glow- A simple option, you can choose whether you want weapons like the sword to glow. You can turn off the glow- the weapon will look the same, there will just be no lighting effect.
-Victory conditions- You can set a variety of victory conditions. For example, you can have an infection victory condition as ‘50% of survivors get to safe haven once’. This would mean that if half of the survivors get to a single safe haven, they win the round automatically. There can be multiple victory conditions for one gametype.

–An example gametype/map combination utilizing all of the above features— It’s infection, using the Reach engine of Armor Abilities. Humans have shotguns and magnums. They have limited shotgun ammo (starting with 36 shells), but unlimited magnum ammo. To make up for this, the magnum does 75% damage. They can pick up any weapon except for swords. There are 3 or 4 flare grenades scattered about (flare grenades have low throw strength, so they are simply dropped. They don’t explode, but give off a light for a period of time. These can all be set in custom games options.).
The humans are equipped with unlimited flashlight.
Zombies are forced to play as elites, and have swords (which don’t glow). They have no camo, but are forced-colour black.
The zombies will die from a single CQC shotgun, or 4/5 magnum rounds.
The victory condition for humans is 50% of survivors get to safe haven once’. The zombie victory condition is ‘eliminate all humans’.
The map is a human research facility in a snowy wasteland. There is a strong snow effect on the outside, so it’s difficult to see very far.
The humans start outside a landed pelican (it can’t be flown; it’s just a piece of scenery). They have to make their way up to the facility and press a switch to open the door.
Inside the facility it is VERY dark- you can’t see anything without your flashlight. There are crates and computer terminals scattered about. You can also place flares to light up the map for a period of time. The zombies are in the facility, but to win the round the humans MUST navigate their way through the facility to get to the safe haven.
The facility is quite large and complex, but the humans must persevere and make their way to the haven.
The zombies spawn in a sort of ‘ventilation room’. There are multiple small ventilation shafts that allow them to get around the map VERY quickly, using the ‘lift aim’ function. The lifts send zombies around the ventilation shafts at high speeds, allowing them to attack from any part of the facility.

reserved for extra ideas
Any replies from the community with (decent) ideas will be edited into this post.

Reserved for extra ideas

Full support :smiley: and that infection gametype you descrided sounds a lot like dead space 2 multiplayer

Great ideas. But the customized weapons are confirmed for Halo 4 and the model customization is said to be even more complex.

Let’s have them bring back the Battle Rifle!

> Great ideas. But the customized weapons are confirmed for Halo 4 and the model customization is said to be even more complex.

Your getting that from the “interview with a bungie employee about halo 4” article aren’t you? Bungie has nothing to do with halo now.

I think that would be cool to have a terrain editor, that could let you create trees, mountains, waterways, and the objects, also if you could add colors to forge objects that would be great. Vehicle skins such as police versions of the warthog would be interesting too for custom games like cops and robbers. Another idea is to make forge world bigger or infinite, to where there is simply no boundries and you can edit as far as you can see, then add to it with a terrain editor so we could add to forge world to make it better.