A Heartfelt Goodbye, 343i

It’s not you, it’s me. Ever since I was introduced to CE. Splitscreen was a huge part of the joy Halo brought to my childhood. I grew up playing at LAN parties, splitscreen MP with my cousin Halo2. All the way to finishing the fight, going full circle to blow up the unfinished Ring on the Ark. Someone was always there, right next to me on the couch enjoying it together. Sure I could just buy two xbone and two copies of Guardians; though, I don’t have money like I own Microsoft out something. I feel empty, I would try to compare myself to Chief, but I think that would be a great dishonor to Cortana.

There were no abilities, load outs, clambering, and so on.
You all started on equal terms, and fought for better position, and especially for power weapons.

I get it though 343i… Limited resources and hardware to work with. The instinct to evolve, otherwise, Halo would be stagnant if you kept the same recipe as CE, then there would be no Halo. And that’s worse.

You’ve done great things, its just me. The change is scary. You know I wanted to play campaign splitscreen with my nephew, I’ve guided him through the gauntlet of the Halo Trilogy. Not that the lack of splitscreen is wrong or right. It’s just something I hold dear to my heart and want to keep enjoying with him.

I can’t keep up with the change. He’ll be able to stick with it. For me though, there are too many emotions and personal treasures I can’t give up.

So I’m sorry, I am sad because Halo has become different. Not necessarily better or worse. I’m not sure I can change with it. Please keep being the greatest you can be!
With heartfelt gratitude,
A Long Time Fan

Flagged for trolling, jk I respect your opinion yet I strongly disagree with it.

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> Flagged for trolling

^ The troll in disguise

I feel your pain, but hey we can turn spartan abilities off in Customs for that old gameplay… oh wait, I can’t play with my bros and friends with customs because no split screen. And I have no good online friends. And the AI in campaign are about as useful as nothing. At least 60fps… wait, why does my game freeze randomly and the spartans are buggy? What’s wrong with the resolution? Why are the menus lagging?
[Sarcasm]But it’s okay with no split screen. 343i has very good reasons. [/Sarcasm]

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> Flagged for trolling

<mark>They’re not trolling.</mark>

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I didn’t flag him friend

I feel your pain and I’ve decided to part ways as well. But I didn’t start playing until Reach (first Xbox). LOVED the PvP and got addicted to SWAT. In Halo 4 it was a little diminished but I still managed a #5 in all time head shots.

In Halo 5 it’s a massive let-down for me. If you’ve played a few games of SWAT you’ll know what I mean. The map design and spawn trappings is too much to deal with. Even when I went 20-1 it wasn’t special b/c a lot of those kills were just the other team instant spawning in the same spot they died.

OP, I hope you find joy in another game. I’m checking out Star Wars to pass my time and then will see how The Division pans out. Safe journeys.

He’ll be back, they all come back…But in all seriousness if you don’t like the game then don’t play it. Hope you find a game you like.

The decision to not include splitscreen was a big mistake…

Good decision; if you no longer like something, just walk away

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> The decision to not include splitscreen was a big mistake…

Νο, it was a minor mistake. The big mistake is that they’re ignoring us now instead of patching it.

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-inputs must be repeated (don’t carry over) when clambering or boosting
-no social playlists, no variety.
-aiming acceleration has deadzones, making it terrible and very notice. Aiming diagonally is slower than aiming side to side and aiming up is even slower. The -Yoink-.
-radar needs to be increased or just removed. It baits people into a false sense of security. We move twice as fast yet the radar is half the size.nice.
-taking away scoring in campaign, limiting custom game options. A general rule for sequels: don’t remove previous positive steps forward that are simple to carry over.
-warzone especially atk/def is poorly organized
-removing customization options (shoulders, etc). yet again, lame af.
-not being able to sprint whilst being shot. Extremely lame
-the time it takes to die in legendary is stupidly low
-weapon timers. The timers are way way too low. Securing a railgun can guarantee that you can control that whole side of the map until it respawns. Since and repeat. (railgun is also quite op)
-and not launching with forge and more maps. Stop. Releasing. Unfinished. Products. Don’t be surprised when halo 5 is abandoned. So disappointed with your “pro team.” Being worse than Halo 4 is saying a lot.
-Campaign was disgraceful as a whole. (What did you guys work on during the 11 month delay since the beta? The multiplayer is noticeably worse since then (aiming not working and radar)).
-Lying about the number of missions? (saying there are 15 and adding 3 walk around missions simply to be able to lie about it)Unless these things are addressed nearly immediately, the population will disappear rapidly. It is already happening. And deservingly so. MCC was a nightmare and yet some key mistakes (aiming acceleration and deadzones) are being repeated. Out of my 8 friends that I play with, all dislike the game. Two have traded it on. The reset were playing different games today. They abandoned it hoping it may be fixed in the future.the lack of talent and common sense stemming from 343 is impossible to ignore. Certainly the last time I am support them if these issues are not addressed right away.
-booting/banning people for killing teammates after the game has ended? Nice
-spawning outside of the map
-unable to calculate KDA? Nice. I have just over a 2.0 yet it displays as a 10. Messing up an excel spreadsheet is unacceptable
-no medal chest at the end of games? K
-did the marketing directions never play the game?

  • Spartan companies, yet no clan matches
    -over inflating ranks. So many subpar players are getting played super highly. Take a note from league of legends. Start them low and let them climb.
    -beat downs lunging but not hitting?
    -friendly AI are atrocious. Stopping two feet infront of you, not reviving, barely participating in fights, etc
    -rarity of armors, etc does not show after unlock.
    -story writing was just painful. Both dialogue and story.

Your time with us these first 4 days of this games lifespan will be cherished and remembered by the entire Halo community. May you have many more adventure elsewhere, you will be missed

Oh and who are you?