A hard deadline, what really ruined halo infinite

The game was released two years two early, even 343i seems to agree with that. the ammount of good things taht where cut shows that. I am looking at the couger, the skiff, the carbine all cut for time.

Half the story and a good chunk of the gameplay all either cut down for time or butchered for marketting to sell it back.

Halo infinite is going to be a good game, the thing is I gett a feeling that we are running in MCC 2.O And I don’t think I have to remind anyone here how it took them six years to get that right do to it being rushed out of the gate.

The enemy of halo isn’t 343, isn’t the modern gameplay, it is crunch and hard deadlines that force things out before they are ready. Reminder most of us here where happy when we heard it was delayed. And quite frankly I would have been happy for a longer delay.

Granted we are soon getting Co-op so that will at least be one thing brought back, and shortly after forge. Once these are back in I am 100% sure the game will take off again… that and once they fix Melee decync after Co-op releases.