A Halo4 (4)split screen challenge please.

Anyone who remembers the days of Halo:CE or hell even Halo2,3 or w/e would know how fun it was having a 4 split screen game. Having 3 friends over, maybe more to have a game with eachother. You all know it’s fun

Well why not mix that great friendly time with live. A playlist, challenge or special event 343 could do. It would mix the fun of 4 way split screen with the competitive nature of XBL.

The simple rules are this

4 teams. 4 members per team. Each team must be on a single xbox [guests, whatever, as long as they are on a single xbox)

There would be a mix of games. From slayer. CTF, Assault, Fun games like dodge ball, Race and so on. And each team gets a number of points depending on what place they are in.

Anyway I think having a game that brings back split screen as a MUST would be a very fun and popular. It’s an idea I can’t see anyone hating, because it would be a special playlist. As I said one that may only come during holidays, or once a month.

  1. Bring back the glory of split screen!

Can you not do 4 player split screen in Reach? I have never tried.

…but anyway you can always use System Link, or LAN as it’s better know, That’s a much better experience. Unless you like ten. it should be easy to lug an Xbox and a TV’ in a bag,

Somehow we managed it with the original Xbox before flat screen’s if anything it should be easy as now.

Playing 4 player split screen is great fun. I second this idea, but I would also suggest perhaps a playlist that allows only groups to do battle. So groups of friends etc. like a clan battle playlist.

I agree one hundred percent. Bring splitscreen back to its former glory. Have 4 player splitscreen in firefigtht and co op as well.