A Halo: Reach Poem - Noble

Hey, Waypointers (HWp’s, New B.netters, WTF ever). I guess this is gonna be the Halo forums from now on, so I’ll try to move from B.net to here. Anyway, my first post is a short poem entitled Noble.

Rubble, and fire, and ashes, and dust
A planet with plasma burned right through it’s crust
A symbol of might, far off through the night sky
Now crumbles, deserted, just waiting to die

But who were the heroes who fought and who bled
Defending to their final breaths
The ones who let us live, and stayed there instead
Respected much more for their deaths

Team Noble were Spartans, in their final stand
Their souls for the planet of Reach
Sacrificing themselves, by no one’s command
Their story is that which we teach

Carter, a leader, from start to the end
His presence demanded respect
Not only a hero, but also a friend
To all but the scarab he wrecked

Katherine: with science she hacked and she stole
As much in the tech as the field
A vital asset to Noble team’s goal
Until EMPs took down her shield

Emile with his kukri, Emile with his gun
To him all the killing was just some great fun
He stabbed and he shot ‘till his heart’s final beat
Even as the blue sword held him off of his feet

Jorge was a big one, the lone Spartan II
His turret as big as his heart
His tiring campaign was finally through
When the bomb was to damaged to start

Jun with a sniper’s a thing to be seen
With bullets no shield could deflect
‘could aim much better than any machine
So Halsey, he had to protect

The sixth noble, nameless, so guess what: it’s you!
Badass hyper-lethal just like you-know-who
His armor still changing in configuration
I hear pink with flowers is quite the sensation!

So there you have it, Spartans of which I preach
Now go kick some -Yoink-, and play Halo: Reach!

I love this. So, so awesome!

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Great job, really…


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This was in the Reach Forum on Bungie a while back, wasn’t it?

I saw it then and saved the thread, and it’s good to see it here. Nice one!

Very nice, I really like poetry(Notice the gamertag :smiley: ) but never got into poems that rhyme.
I should try writing something in english.

Brought a smile to my face - very nice! :slight_smile: