A Halo horror game would be great.

The Halo universe is a truly horrifying place, you have genocidal alien empires, galaxy devouring space zombies and most terrifying; food -Yoink!-. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a horror game in the Halo universe? I would love a game where each level is a different story following a soldier or civilian trying to survive in varying situations, such as:

  • A lone marine trying to escape a base filled with hungry Brutes with very little ammo, stealth would be your main weapon in this scenario. If you’ve read the short story “Stomping on the Heels of a Fuss” from Halo: Evolutions, it would be something like that.- A Grunt with low methane who must avoid Flood and Sentinels in a derelict Forerunner facility. You would have to scavenge for methane and ammo from dead Covenant, your plasma pistol could also be used as a light source. - A UNSC civilian in the middle of a Covenant invasion. Something like Sadie’s Story from ODST.
    If Halo can be made into an RTS I’m sure it would do well as a horror game, especially since Halo already has some minor horror elements. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I think that could potentially be awesome. Imagine if you play as a young new recruit who’s pelican crashes on a flood infected world.

I was thinking a lone marine or human engineer on a Flood infected ship.

I can’t see a full horror game ever happening for Halo, but I think it’s entirely possible that horror elements could be added.

The Precursors and Flood in the Forerunner trilogy were horrific, and I don’t just mean the Primordial (but honestly, even his description is scary) so if the Flood do come back as foretold by the Primordial, they better be scary.

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> I was thinking a lone marine or human engineer on a Flood infected ship.

An engineer would be to close to Dead Space, a think a marine would be better. It would be like the Mona Lisa.

Survive high charity and the flood.

Could be an covie or maybe on of the marines chief frees who gets split up.

I think that you are on to something. I have seen a couple post’s on the forums about this so I decided to reply to one. Lucky you!

I don’t think that I could see a full, retail game coming out of it but I think an add-on or DLC would be really great. I really liked the examples you gave. Most people would go right to the Flood, but you gave some really good examples of what “horror” can be by including situations that involve being cut off and alone.The player not being a Spartan would be preferential as you won’t have your shields or abilities, only cunning, stealth, and wits.

I can see a Halo horror game working out, but I unfortunately don’t see 343i making it, as much as I wish they would.

While I like the concept, I feel like your character should still be a bigger than average character (like Dead Space). Personally, I’d like to play as an ODST or a spec ops elites (that way the stealth aspect still makes sense).

The Flood is too obvious a choice. If this was going to happen, I’d like to see an ODST or marine, or even just an ONI agent trying to survive a Covenant invasion. It would take place in an ONI facility (similar to Sword Base or Castle Base), and the player would have to take advantage of the lack of power and lights, and use stealth and specialised tactics to outwit the enemy.

IMO Brutes are the most fearsome Covenant species (aside from Hunters), as they’re 9ft tall, can rip people apart with all the effort it takes to lift a finger, and they have a taste for human flesh. The main enemies would be Brutes, Jackals and grunts, all of which we see eating the dead. During some levels, drones would be present as well.

I think it would be better if the protagonist be part of a squad, and have each member killed off one by one. Perhaps later we could even see them being eaten.

This is one of the reasons I hope the flood return in Halo 5. I’ve played CE, 2, and 3 enough to know what flood enemies there are, how they act, and in what places they are.

A new Halo game with new flood would be very unpredictable, and therefore, scary again.

Even with the One’s power, the flood could do things they previous couldn’t do on the 360, for example.

> 2533274949216347;3:
> I was thinking a lone marine or human engineer on a Flood infected ship.

Lone Marine?..Yeah it would work but it should be based on the Mona Lisa.
Human Engineer?..It would be like Dead Space.

They did… It’s called the “Library” on legendary. :wink:

seriously, I’d like to see a game or at least more levels like 343GS etc. Or a level with a setting like the Mona Lisa.

Have you seen “Halo: The Mona Lisa”?? is a survival horror in Halo, maybe a game like these series would be perfect!

Is about a human space cruiser that visit instalation 04 before Halo 2… Is a prision with humans and elites, but when they arrive close to the destroyed ring, some flood get into the ship and the elites and humans make an agreement to survive

A Halo horror game should be innovative and cause the genre to re-think itself.

A UNSC vessel could be ejected out of slipspace into an unknown system and crash on one of the inhabited planets. The denizens opened a Flood Containment Control facility under false pretenses and the infection is attempting to spread.

The players role is to escape this planet and return to UNSC space: All while fighting through the infected alien forces and the aliens themselves.

I like the idea of a Marine trying to survive to High Charity as it is being infested by Flood. Or maybe one of the Marines that first encounters the Flood on Installation 04, and has to escape the swamp and survive in other places of the ring.

Horror elements in a halo game is a pretty damn great idea especially with the flood being absent from a halo game since halo 3, halo wars ( Story wise not multiplayer - Halo 4 ). Put in some Dead Space and Doom 3 elements in there, mash it all into a halo game and them BAM!!! there you go. no explanation needed, just do it 343i LOL.

A game adaptation of Mona Lisa would be terrifying.

hardly,I just can’t see a Halo spin-off being a horror game
It just doesn’t make any sense to me,even if there are scary creatures like the Flood.

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> hardly,I just can’t see a Halo spin-off being a horror game
> It just doesn’t make any sense to me,even if there are scary creatures like the Flood.

You should check out the short story/motion comic The Mona Lisa.

I’d like to see an Ancient Human Warrior prior to and during the Human-Forerunner War.