a halo game dedicated to forge but with a little finess

i love halo but some of these battles are really getting boring or all you do is watch them from a distance and halos loosing its touch just look at reach. only a few things were good in halo reach like the spartan customization and the new forge was pretty cool but it lacks the great things that makes halo well halo.i want a new but familiar experince but with more power .

halo wars was awsome! you literally created some of the greatest fights in halo history but what if you could be in one of those fights but in first person with a group of at least 10 players and 30 plus ai on your team .[ i only say ten because console has limits in multiplayer]and with a huge maps like those in halo wars

really what i trying to get across is people love huge battles right ,every buddy loves being able to make epic maps in forge ,and everybody loves being able to design there character how they want ,so what if you combined those three benafactors together.

todays forge inables people to make crazy maps that they can have fun on with friends but what if you dont have xboxlive or your freinds dont want to play your maps or dont like them then you have a problem.

my idea is to make a game that simply can do this .

  1. be able to customize your own huge maps the way you like them and beable to spawn in marines on one side with a base and all vehicles ground and air with no limits [say im the pilot of a pelican and i want to fly my friend right in to a battle i can] but the rest of the marines will be ai same for the covenant if you want to be on there side then you can

and if you think its impossible then your wrong think remember star wars battlefront a fight system like that but with marines and covenant oh an 3 spartan limit and some air strike options and special features with it . and over the last ten years im sick of being a spartan . i know they tried to make a human experince in halo odst but the failed misserably at that game i what to be a marine and be able to customize hhis armor and face so he looks like me and his armors how i like it

so if you like this idea leave a response and if you dont then ill respect that

It wont happen.