A Halo Game based on the Inssurection

(Before you read the rest of this please note I am still waking up as I just barely had a cup of coffee yet so mind any typos and other spelling/grammar errors.)

(Light spoiler warning for Halo The Fall of Reach and other halo media read at your own risk)

What would you guys like and dislike about if they made a spinoff of Halo Wars or other halo titles based entirely on the human Inssurection prior to and a little while after the "Human Covenant War Began"

As well as adding new factions to the game whether it be multiplayer or story, such as bein able to play as the Rebels or even the Covenant like how you could briefly play as them in halo wars 1 in the tutorial as well as using them as an actual faction in Multilayer/Skirmish.

Or would you rather have a separate campaign where you play as the insurrection through their rise to power.

And if you could play this game who would you prefer be the main character/leader of the UNSC? Sergeant Avery Jr Johnson, or John 117, (Young) as Master Chief did have various encounters with the Rebels both in the Halo Fall of Reach movie and in the Books. Or even Lord Hood, or Captain Jacob Keys (Even though he wasn’t a captain during the insurrection he was still a Marine in the early to late years of the insurrection some time before the human covenant war.

Or would you like to play as both of them in various chapters of the game if this game does become an actual thing.

I would only be into this if you played AS the Innies. It could be an awesome game though, fighting Spartans and ODSTs as a regular ground soldier, so I’d like to see it as an FPS, especially.

A lot of the lore opens up the dubious morality of the UNSC in relation to the URF war, and I think exploring more of that could be fascinating.

Just for fun: imagine Master Chief as the final boss, but you just gotta get the hell out; you can’t kill him.