A halo dream.for infinite

This is all just a dream nothing serious but if it makes it into the game truly will be the best game in my eyes!!
Ideas and factions
Some enemy’s have been cut such as
Storm classes of Covenant only few remain as most are replaced with classic designs…

Prometheans are only encountered in later missions that feature flood or missions with large number of UNSC or covenant vehicles… some classics return from halo 5 such as the knight battlewagon, knight commander, soldier default… crawler alpha and crawler minor… some of halo 5 cut enemy’s will appear aswell!

Soldier assassin: appears mainly in missions with high flood infestations.
Uses a headlight blade, one in each hand…
Once armour has taken damage and chest has been exposed, sometimes it has a splinter bomb inside that he detonates for a last defence mechanism to take out large groups of hostiles…

War sphinx: similar to a scarab so a super heavy unit, has weak spots etc immune to small arms fire, requires heavy weapons such as a scorpion or pelican gunships to take down… don’t worry missions that you encounter these you will have marine forces assisting you… that will bring back nostalgia from the halo 3 days

Crawler figurehead: A larger crawler that leads lesser crawlers into battle and gives them a teleport ability to flank the player… not the unlimited jump ability that’s soldiers do in halo 5 though :man_facepalming:

Pheaton carrier: if you thought pheatons were a pain in halo 5s campaign, than these will bug you… a promethean equivalent of a human aircraft carrier… lots of guns, a medium size ship, Carrie’s 10+ pheatons and mirrages…

Mirrage: crew 1 think of this as a promethan seraph… more on a fighter role and is fast… uses hardlight cannons and splinter missiles… banshees don’t stand a chance against these bad boys. Oh they can cloak aswell which make matters worse.

Hector: crew +2 main battle tank for the prometheans, hovers above ground uses an disintegration weapon that acts as a flamethrower for a secondary… main cannon fires incineration cannons that are beefier and at a faster rate…


Forerunners will have armigers and sentinels that diffrenate from promethan soldiers… promethan forces are only used when there is huge flood outbreaks or large human or covenant banished or sword forces in the area…

Sentinal annihilator:
A sentinal with a moderate shield a little larger than a enforcer
Acts as an artillery weapon moves fast and takes down vehicles, air and ground with ease… suggest going on foot and use an emp grenade to take out its shield and then finishing it with a SPNKR or heavy weapons…

Forerunner Armiger: The foot soldier of the forerunner army, uses array of different weapons… has 3 variations… no teleport ability… once damaged, pieces will fall of and expose weak spots… mechanic in nature like a sentinal


Covenant forces are rare only appear in a few missions and one mission at the end with all factions in one big battle…

Elite warriors return but acting as a heavy weapons unit. Rare and are also platoon commanders!

Grunt imperial’s are now suicide grunts!

Jackal heavys form Lance’s and slowly move up towards the player and spam needler rounds

Jackal rangers act as snipers harassing marines or forerunners with beam rifles from ledges, and quickly move to different positions
On legendary these are a pain…

Type 26 wraith acts like it did in halo 3
same with the ghost

Scarab: 2 encountered at the last mission
Acts like halo 3



Grunt minor heavy specops
Elite general specops
Jackal phalanx
Hunter minor major
Jackal minor major

Most units from halowars 2
Choppers brutes etc

Flood most from halo 3 and halowars 2

UNSC and swords of sanghelios
Swords of sanghelios only appear on zeta halo on the last 2 missions
Marines sport the same BDU as reach but also have abit of halo 3 etc mixed into them.
Vehicles from halo 5 and 3 will return
Plus a few new ones.
Arbiter and few spartan 4s and 3s will return…
ODSTs make a come back

Armadillo crew +8 UNSC LAV
1 driver also acts as a gunner
Carrie’s 7 passengers

Pelican gunship
Crew +10

You will have a map on the menu that will show a key chart for these type of things

Unsc camp
A hub for the player to select load outs etc

Fast travel mechanic… once you capture beam towers bro hammer has a landing pad and fueling station… he will take you to places across zeta

Optional objectives
Similar to halo reach mission new Alexandria where u rescue marine squads… but from Zetas predatory species or bigger threats…

Distress calls etc
Invistgate like halo 3 odst and other side missions

Similar to ODST find objects or scenes of battle that has taken place and set foot Playing as an marine ODST and Spartan

War zones
Battles taking place across zeta you can help out in or sit out
Benefits include new equipment you can recover for your hub…
And multiplayer armours

Flood zone
Large flood biomass taking over will show on your map best to stay away unless your feeling brave

Collectables etc

Friend or foe tags
Little character story’s that will make you connect to forces friend or hostile across zeta

Classic halo archives
Lore and
History on the classic games
For new players

Ancient humanity
Discover the truth about the ancient humans across zeta etc

Terminals feature like halo 3

Skulls one new one

A faction of your choice will ally with you
Excluding certain missions that requires you to destroy an enemy flood etc

Campaign theatre
File share
Custom.games browser
Reach customisation
Ai playground
Custom mission
Co op
Split screen
Big team battlezone
Warzone dominion and bigteam battle
Mixed into one!
for large scale battles with ai and players fully forgable aswell!
Spartan abilities return
But more balanced
Campaign DLC
Easter eggs
Campaign challenges
Black undersuits
Playable factions
Nearly everything in campaign is in forge
And the best things from classic and new halos

Survive a new mode like lonewolf but against a faction or factions of ya choice
Co op or solo aswell

Character library
Shows models of the allies enemies etc in the game with detailed information
Every time you encounter and scan an object it is unlocked in the character library you can view by pausing the game or from the menu<!–/data/user/0/com.samsung.android.app.notes/files/clipdata/clipdata_200304_005214_037.sdoc–>

That’s it, in my opinion this would be truly amazing a halo game with mixed art style new inventive game types and halo nostalgia that brings us back to the old days. A true halo dream!! Huge battles laughs and memories to make!!

These are some great ideas! but it’s unlikely that most of these would happen.