A halo Cinematic Universe

Sound familiar? Thats because Marvel is doing it right now.

Halo is growing fast! I believe (sure i love the universe) that it will, if not “is” already, rival Star Wars and Star Trek.

Would love to see 343 create a Cinematic universe which covers movies and a TV show. All interlinked.

The movies could follow the Chief and Cortana, while the TV show could follow a crew of marines? Troopers? Who eventually get spartan upgrades and join the infinity. Halo has a bright future! Why not take advantage of this other media?

Have you ever seen the Game Theory about why video games turned into movies don’t work? If you haven’t, heres a brief overview.

Most people who watch the movie will come from the game itself, however, most people like the exploration of the game. Take out the exploration, doing things that you want to do, it takes the fun out of it. This is the one reason why I don’t think halo should… Ah screw it. I’m disagreeing with my self as I write this. Sure, what the heck. Halo Cinematic universe? Go ahead.