A Halo Based Roleplay on Discord

I don’t know really know where I would post something like this but I am assuming that Creations would be the best place.

This is a Halo Text Based RP that has recently started up and they are looking for new players. The community that is there is pretty active and the staff is pretty helpful. I’d love to see this community grow and flourish and I believe the that the more avid fans of the Halo universe join.

And for those interested in the RP here is a brief synopsis of the current RP setting.
-The year is 2551. The Human-Covenant War has been ongoing for over two decades now. Planets have fallen, battles have been lost. On the planet Upsilon Sagitarius IV, the insurrection is spreading like wildfire. UNSC forces deployed to the planet are constantly conducting counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations, and morale is dipping dangerously low as IEDs and Snipers nip away at base rosters. Meanwhile, the Office of Naval Intelligence has received unconfirmed reports of a Covenant scouting party on it’s way to Upsilon Sagitarius IV. To discreetly prepare, the UNSC That Others May Live has been deployed in orbit of the planet, further deploying a MOB in the Sokolov Territory along with a full Garrison of cross-branch assets (that’s you!). Under pretense of assisting the counter-insurgency operations, none of the men are aware of the coming storm…

Server Link: [Bungie-era] Halo RP; Sagittarius Crisis

I hope to see you Halo fans within the server :slight_smile:
Love, リンダ