A Halo 4 TU what needs to be done

I understand, its a new trilogy. But whether the mutliplayer is tied into the cannon or not (Sara Palmer mentions it in the 1st Spartan Ops cutscene, and 343 has also stated it) It needs to be made enjoyable an fun for every crowd and needs to stay true to that crowd or players definition of fun.

Playlists - Have been catagorized ever since Halo 2. What the big problem with catagorizing them now? My proposal

Bring back the ranking system and NO it doesn’t have to be a number. It can just be your rank. ex. EF DEATHWING - 5 Star General. The rank can be equalivent of a number if it so works. Someone sees a 5 star, they’re gonna know it’s a 50. Someone sees a Major, they’re gonna know it’s a 30.

Catagorize the damn playlists!!

It could be like this


Infinity Slayer
Infinity Big Team Battle
Team Snipers

Team Slayer Pro
Lone Wolves
Big Team Battle
King of the Hill

The traditional settings would be

Teams - enabled (depending on playlist)
Friendly Fire - enabled (depending on playlist)
Score to win - 50-100 (NOT 600-1000)
Ability to drop flag - ON
Ordinace Drops - DISABLED
Turn normal weapon spawns on
Kill-Cams - REMOVED
Loadouts - Tailored to the map size


Nerf the Boltshot’s Charged shot to half (You’ll have to melee them at close range to kill them)

Boost the Carbines damage. It should not be the least most used weapon in-game

Armor Abilities

Boost the Autosentry and it’s RoF, It’a a mobile turret, make it act like one.

Nerf the Jetpack (If I can go into Forge, set Jetpack to have unlimited use and still Hover, somethings wrong. You should only have to press LB to have it give you a boost of thrust, like the Thruster Pack. I suggested the mechanic of the Brute Jump pack be implemented as the Jetpack mechanic before launch. That would balance it out more.

Nerf Promethean Vision more. It should only scan a section of the map your in. Not a section and then some.

Bring back preferences, and Region based connection (You shouldn’t have one supernetwork that connects to whoever it can find.


They are working on a ranking system.

Most of that, it’s a good idea.

However, I’d like to see KOTH become a bridge between Infinity and Traditional. Friendly Fire off, Killcams on, Preset loadouts, Random ordnance around the map on.

And Nerf the jetpack? The hell are you thinking? THat thing is nearly useless now. At least the Reach jetpack gave you a chance to recover from falling off the edge of maps. This can’t even do that. It barely makes it from the lower level of Haven to the Upper level. And if you’re even slightly off the ground, it doesn’t take you up, it just makes you hover about 2 inches above.