A Halo (4) Spin-Off Idea - Halo ONI

I just saw a trailer and I just played a demo of a game… well in my dreams… it was a halo game, but it was not H4.
It was something like a Spin-Off; may be it was parallel to H4 or H5; dunno exactly now.

But the Ideas I saw were good. (btw: I have had my best ideas in my dreams) So check this out:

A Halo 4 (or Halo 5 Spin-Off);

and: it is a 3rd Person Shoter.
You play someone who works (at the moment) for the ONI. I dunno if it was a Spartan-III (or even Jun from Halo Reach) or a good trained Marine/Specialist. The Story plays parallel to H4 or a bit after it. Your Mission is to check out what is up with the “new covenant threat”; so you fight mostly vs covenant, but there were new speciments, too. Dunno what role they played.
Also I think there were rebells who are working now together with Covenant (now after the religious things broke away, it might be possible).

Gameplay consists of sneaking into guarded places, hacking and saboutating covenant structures [both points remember a bit to Splinter Cell], Sniping with a silenced sniper rifle (which can even look and shot through thin walls), climbing on things [yeah, a bit like in Assassins Creed], Hand to Hand-Combat // may be the concpt “Gun-Kata” say something to you.

If you are on free areas, you can use ONI-Satelitte-View (= bird eye cam). This helps to see your enemys and create a effective tactic thorugh them. Most parts of the levels are open, so you can choose different ways and different tactics (// ‘open’ = a small bit like the silent cartograph in HCE).
Also you do not need to be all the time in the shadows. You are a Spartan (or at least a good soldier): you can jump in front of your enemys and kill them with “Gun-Kata” (or sometimes also called “Gun-Fu”). [Gameplay might be look like then a bit similar the fights in Assassins Creed, exept that you can shot over long ranges, too, if you are in combat → It remembers a bit to the fight Spartans VS Elites between Mission 14 and 15 in Halo Wars]. But Classic shoting is still not total out.
The point is, you have a weak shield and not a fat armor, so messing with to strong or to many enemys (alone) is not a good idea. Also if you fight bad and run aways they might hunt you or/and call for support.
You can order Airstrikes, MACs, Vulture-Attacks and something that looked like a bomb that lures all enemys and then it exploded silend with a gascloud - and killed all elites - was very useful :p.
The game was not to hard and not frustrating: means when you get seen, it is not like => “Ah there are you” = total lost. You still can kill the enemys and manipulate their communications (with a terminal) so they thing you are dead… and things get more easy again;// that just for an example. Everything was very ‘liqiud’.

You can work total silent, so enemys don’t notice you. Or you can attack them, which means a lot of fights → not always a good idea… but often enaugh.
OR: the 3rd way: you can scare them: snipe down an elite from nowhere, then kill the rest with a gas-grenade. The last survivor will make alarm over radio; but as long as he don’t saw you, he will panic: like: “AN EVIL GHOST IS ATTACKING US” or “THERE ARE A WHOLE ARMY” → that works often enaugh and things get easy again.
If you scared them enaugh with stealth attacks or/and super “gun-kata” without taking to much dmg (and you look like the god of warfare personaly) even elites will run away and wait for the high ranked ones… and this buys you at least some time… (depends on level and difficulty)
May be there is something like a second hidden-point-system: “Enemys thing you are weak” <------> “Enemys fear you like hell” in the engine // with ‘second’ I mean: second to the “they see you, they don’t know you are here” -point-system.

Later you have some help of a few special-rines or ONI-members. You can give them orders and command them. But they are not as good as you are. I think they had a bit different skills; [so if you work with your bird-eye camera it looks a bit like Commandos].
One time I placed two of them on two different hills, I grabbed my own sniper and climbed on a tower that i cleared out before without beeing seen. Then a 3rd rine lured the zlot-elites with a moongoose out of the structure. And then we sniped all of them down. Hell that was fun :stuck_out_tongue:

The rest of your Equipment: two special Handguns, the special silenced Sniper Rifle (with different Ammo-Types like: a minigrenade-bullet: if you shot an enemy and the others come to check his dead body → and you press a red button → BOOM! // But this bullet is weak in penetration, so you cant shot through walls and so on); a ViSR++ System including a Sattelite-View-Add, something like a hacking tool (to hack doors or radios), Explosives (different types: against doors or to destroy things), Mines, VX-Gas (for Mines and grenades - to kill silent), and: a special armor that allows you to climb on things → sometimes it is also possible to climb on the top of a room and the enemys don’t see you → I think your armor had special parts (on the glooves and so on) which help you in climbing.
Also there were old friends like the active camo, the SPANKER, or the needle rifle (which would be useful in this game with its special properties).

You can carry only ONE primary and ONE Secondary weapon // the secondary weapon slot is always the dual slot, for better “Gun-Kata”-Action. If you have only one plasma pistol, you have a worse cards in gun-kata vs your enemys… I think this is clear. You can also grab two plasma pistols then, thats clear. But I think you need to have the same weapontype. Never tested.
(Killing enemys with their own weapons was one of the biggest funs :p).
Well… You also have a … I call it “Carry Weapon”-Slot. There you can carry a 3rd weapon. Most times it is a covenant weapon → to divert enemys (“WHO IS SHOTING THERE? ONE OF OUR GUYS? WHO KILLED MY FRIEND? WAS IT YOU?” [a bit like the fanmade clip “No Honor”, but with changed sides].
If you start to climb or lie down on the sniping places you have to throw away your “carry weapon”; or switch it with your primary or secondary. (Often a bad idea, exept you don’t have your own special weapons in this mission)…
There were ONI-Support places, where are more useful weapons for you: like two pistol-like shotguns, too.
So may be we can say: there are two groups of weapons: “normal” ones and “special” ones. “Special” weapons are always more useful for you, cuz they are silent, have a bigger mag-size or can use different ammo types. Don’t worry there were enaugh different weapons including a lot of different “special-weapons”:

O.K. Back to the sotryline: the thing is, ONI didn’t send you for fun alone against the new covenant, with new species and rebell support (and more of their new friends). Looks like the covies found something… Again! And it is not good for humankind… as you can imagine. You start to recognize this during the campaign…

I think the first missions were on Reach, or a Planet that looked a bit like it.
Later you managed to get on a covenant cruiser and you ride away with it.
Then your 1st job is to get support again and tell ONI your situation… and the whole situation. Also this is the part were you don’t have enaugh of your “special weapons”. After that you get new orders and you get NPC-Teams as support.
Well, that was nearly all I have seen in the “‘Demo’”. But I saw in a “‘Trailer’”, that your way leads you to a place that you always wanted to see again: The rests Halo ring of Halo CE, destroyed by MC. What will you find there? Is everything dead? The whole atmosphere gone? And what is hiding the new covenant forces there?
// … well I know it was not the very last level of the campaign… so everything is still a bit open. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that is my Idea for a SpinOff (if 343 start to change their minds again). Iam sure there will be a Halo Wars 2; and I saw a lot of ideas for a good 3rd Person Halo SpinOff. I had my own ideas, too. But I think this is the most complexe one. It also had a multiplayer… to bad it was not in the “‘demo’”, only in the “‘trailer’”. It looked like it was Co-Op vs Co-Op. Red VS Blue… a bit like CTF with tactics and strategy. The NPCs that you can order will help a lot, especially with the bird-eye-cam… funny new MP feelings, Also there were tunnels and structures on the different sized maps, cuz the bird-eye-cam cant look inside them.


O.K. so far the whole idea-sack. I wrote a lot, but I still can explain things better. So if you have questions… I have still a lot of bullet points written down here (so I won’t foget them).
Keep in mind, it is a big thing, but it consists of many many small ideas. So if you don’t like one idea it doesn’t mean all other ideas are bad, too.

So what you think? What would you change? What hate you/what like you?
[btw: cuz of there is no good god, I have had only bad english teacher… so don’t say my english is awful… I know, iam working on it; but I cant stop posting as long as I am done with it. =p ]

I don’t know it’s name: so I call it Halo ONI (or Halo4 ONI. Dempends how close both games would be).

That actually sounds pretty good, but Halo as a Third Person Shooter? I don’t know if 3rd Person would feel Halo… Then again, Halo Wars turned out to be a huge success. (I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I thought Wars was gonna be a FPS/RTS Hybrid, now that would have been cool)

Halo Wars showed that Halo doesn’t have to always be a FPS. And the Third Person Shooter market is wide open I believe. Might be worth looking into.

A game based around ONI should have a Spartan character who fits Noble 6’s profile- Lone Wolf Hyper Lethal Assassin. Maybe a game based of what he did before he joined Noble?

while i would love for all halo games to have a 3 person option it being parallel to 4 or 5 and you starting or at any point being on reach wouldnt make sense because reach comes before ce and this really just sounds like an enhance version of odst which i would love

The last time I thought again and again over this idea… and I still like it. And that happens not to often.

One small correction I still have to add:
The planet for the first missions - I thought it was Reach. But now I played Halo Reach again and have to say: It was not Reach. It has had to much water areas and was not so cliffy like Reach. May be it was a new planet.
(Well… I dont read the books and so on - so iam not very sure in this point.)

Hey, you are the guy who predicted the “mammoth” 1 year ago… well at least a bit lol:

A real clairvoyant. Can you borrow me your crystal ball for a day? I wanna play myself a bit Halo 4 before it is out. 8D
(I would laugh a bit more - but you scare me XD)

O.K. back to your idea.
Exept the fact that there is no engine out for this type of game… it is frightening good.

But I can hardly imagine how you play it. Like Assassins Creed? (Never played Splinter Cell)… or… it remembers me to a mix of Battlezone and Covert Strike (well both games were bad… but the ideas were good).
No I mean - It can actually work.
I like that you have a mix of different things - not only one game that you use to compare your idea → well it can have a good game dynamic.
Iam not a Multiplayer-Guy; but I think it could also work for MP (somehow).

Hope 343 reads this, because I like the idea (and the mix of ideas you put here together - especially the “enemys fear you // enemys hunt you”-thing.
May be it is the right idea for a 3rd person shoter (for halo).
→ Well it IS an experiment - like Halo Wars was.

So 343 will ask themselves (again and again): Which way now?

  • Continue Main Gamerow
  • A FPS-Spin-Off
  • Halo Wars 2 (may be with Battleships, 3 Races and so on)
  • Or an experiment (best idea a TPS-and => here fits you idea!)

Man I think 343 should pay their fans - in this forum are more good ideas than a bunch of authors can create on amphetamine in a week. 8DDDD