A Halo 4 Campaign Question

Will there be only a set armour for the MC or will 343i be doing what Bungie did with Reach? Where you can wear different armour for the Campaign?

You won’t get an official answer till maybe Halo Fest or later.

This question will only be answered with speculation. Not by me of course.

I dont think they will go with the Reach armor setup because Noble 6 was ment to be the player and the player can choose what ever he or she wants. I do hope that they keep Master Chief in the old Mk. VI because that was what he was in at the end of H3 and very little time has pasted sence then.

I don’t know if we can safely say “very little” time has passed. We don’t know how long MC and Cortana have been on the Forward unto Dawn, only that they probably haven’t run into a human yet.

I’m almost 100% sure there will be an armor upgrade (Mark VI to VII) and that’s it. It doesn’t make sense for the Chief to have all different colors. Its okay for N6 because he is whoever the gamer decides.

I think it’s been a couple years… in the trailer you can see ice at the bottom of the cryo pods. That probably means its been a while. Maybe its been enough time that the UNSC (Or whats left of it) finds the distress beacon and looks for them. As said before… only time will tell.