A Halo 4 Appreciation Post

I came on the forums looking to see enthusiastic posts about the new game, but all I seem to see is people whining and moaning! I’ve had the halo games from the early days of CE and even indulging myself by reading the novels and personally I think halo 4 is a great game. I think people should embrace the new changes, play around a little more and still if your not satisfied go back to playing halo reach or halo 3.

Halo 4 just keeps getting better and better, and I can’t wait already to carry on the story in the next two games! Multiplayer will keep me going well in to next summer as well, therefore well done 343i, I am a very satisfied fan/customer.

Finally there is someone I can agree with. 343i did a great job on Halo 4! I mean after all it is their first game they have ever made. I know H4 is not a perfect game but dang all you haters need to quit crying and enjoy the game. I don’t see any of you guys trying to make a halo game. Just give 343i a chance good grief! That’s all I have to say.

It’s about time someone who’s a “Halo Veteran” is actually giving some positive feedback instead of complaining about how Halo 4 “isn’t like the classic Halos”. Congrats.

I want to like it… I just didn’t understand why the didact had these psychic abilities and such and the ending too! Was a bit short hopefully spartan ops sheds some light… I want more!

There will always be those people who have bad things to say about something. Honestly though, the amount of people complaining on these forums compared to the entire number of people playing the game is so miniscule, that you can’t take these forums as an accurate representation of how people feel about it. More people will come on here to hate the game, than they will to praise it, anyway.

I myself think it’s the best Halo yet, and love the story and graphics.

I agree, Halo 4 is incredible.

I remember when I first played Halo CE back in second grade. I was completely blown away. No other Halo has done this for me until now. To see how far the game has progressed since Halo Ce to Halo 4 really made me happy. Despite what my friends and various people on Waypoint might say, I absolutely loved the campaign. I’m one of those people that doesn’t let the ending completely destroy the game for them. If everything leading up to the ending is fun as balls, then I have no problem. I didn’t even have that big a problem with the ending. It just made me want to play the next game even more.

The multiplayer is incredible. My favorite so far. I own every Halo game, PC/vista included, and Halo 4 to me has definitely been my favorite.

I have to agree, I’m kind of getting tired of the complaining also. If people honestly thought Halo wouldn’t change, they are wrong. Everything changes at some point. Theres no getting around it. And with Halo competing with the CoD crowd, they have to keep up with it to keep buisness and sales… I understand peoples fustrations, but I feel to keep Halo classic like everyone wants it to be would be a blow to 343s sales and profit. Thinks constantly improve and change, thats the way it is. You either like it or you don’t.

I like Halo 4, and definately think its better than Reach. The only thing I will comment on is the lack of maps. 10 maps is alot, but in a way its not. It doesn’t take long before you cycle through the maps a bunch of times, and eventually it sort of gets boring (especially if you play BTB alot)

Does anyone know if they will have a forge submission for commmunity created maps again? I know most didnt like them, but for me I think its a good way to use Forge and show off the communities creativity.