A group or team to play halo 4 with

Hi my name is Jack and i am looking for a group of friends to play halo 4 with. I have not been playing halo for a while will not bore you with why that is. All i am looking for is for some one or a group of people to invite me to there game when they are playing. i do not mind playing what ever game type as long as its fun. So people know i am not in to clans i have tryed joining multiple clans and it has never worked out.

All i want to do is play halo 4 with new friends because my old one ether hate halo in general now because of reach or are way to busy with is fair enough.
I am 22 by the way so i am looking for people more my age and i can be really good at halo but need to get in too the grove agein.

My GT is Lucky R4GE

Many Thanks for reading and i hope you all have a nice day