A good win story

So I join an ongoing game of regular Warzone on the map skirmish at darkstar, and things were heavily unbalanced with my team losing at 300ish points and the enemy team was at 500ish nearing 600, so I started taking down as many bosses as I could, even though I find the concept for killing one boss can turn the tide of the game a bit unfair. Things started looking up and soon we were level headed, every few seconds would be “gained the leader” or “lost the lead” then it was neck and neck, 800 to 800, and the mystic boss spawns. It’s a mad dash, dodging bullets, lasers, and plasma, I ran back into the one armoury and we had left and spawned a whiplash and a speed boost, I sprinted back towards the boss and arrived just in time to see the enemy team assassinate the Warden. All hope is lost, but I fired one last round with the rail gun and hit directly at the core, I hear the pop sound indicating I got the kill and we won. The adrenaline was pumping, and my heart rate was up, but it was worth it.
Post your best win stories below!

Beating the entire Halo 5 campaign on Legendary with the Iron Skull on

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> Beating the entire Halo 5 campaign on Legendary with the Iron Skull on

Dang, that puts my story to shame

That’s a great win story. Those real tight Warzone games (which can be few and far between) are always heart pumping and intense

Great story, mate. Had a similar neck-to-neck Warzone last week, but the ending wasn’t so intense (the other team kinda forgot about the mythic boss and pretty much let us win).

Anyways, back in the day (yeah it was 2016, but I wanna make it sound more dramatic) me and my pals (whole party) were playing this BTB Strongholds match where the other team was pretty much rolling over us like we’re nothing. Just as they were about to win (10-20 points) we managed to finally take a second base and start scoring…and scoring…and scoring. The main factor was that we managed to get both Warthogs (was on one of the city maps whose name I forgot) and pretty much shutdown the other team’s ability to move around the map. 2 years later and we still can’t stop talking about that win. It’s matches like this that really make me appreciate Halo. They also make me appreciate what a trash player I am without a full party to support me, but eh you take the good with the bad.

Had a last second core destruction against a team that was spawn camping the entire wz game. We won it by “borrowing” one of their gauss hogs and driving it in on two wheels towards their core. The doors were literally shutting as we won. Clip for those interested