A good start on the stroe 343, but a lot more needs to be done

so, 343, this 40-50% price drop is great, but it needs to stick around forever along with the following changes:

free earnable credits in game, for example, 10 to 25 for a win, 100 to 250 for finishing a weekly ultimate challenge.

allowing players to buy individual items from bundles for a much lower price then the whole bundle.

allow players to buy the exact amount of credits needed to get what they want from the shop, no more fixed amounts that force over spending.

all items stay available in the shop forever, so NO FOMO LIKE YOU PROMISED BEFORE LAUNCH

No giving some versions of an item for free, and then selling the rest in the shop, for example an earnable assault rifle coating in a free event, but then selling the same coating for other weapons in the store, DO NOT DO THIS, WITH EMBLEMS, COATINGS, OR ANYTHING.

Cross core customization for armor parts AND coatings.


“It’s a good start”

Now let’s make it even less profitable.

That’s awfully generous.

166 games won, I’d have 1660-4150 credits or $16.60-$41.50 accrued on wins alone.

10/win is closer to fair, but 5 would be better.

Bundles are generally built with the idea that you pay a little less overall but get more because you’re paying for a bunch of stuff.

If you lower the price to be less than the price of a discounted bundle, there’s no incentive to purchase the bundle.

Individual prices should be slightly more expensive to offset the reduced bundle price.


There’s a certain point you have to just accept that 343i is operating a business, and businesses don’t run on charity.

The line shouldn’t be overt, but it also shouldn’t be nonexistent.


This would actually be insane. First, tying something as valuable as credits to winning seems like it would induce massive amounts of frustration and toxicity. Second, the credit amounts here are so outlandishly high that no one would ever monetize.


10 credits for every completed match along with score transferred to credits. (custom game credit gain would require some thought to prevent cheesing the system)
(if you get 2500 that is 25 credits). If you get 30 credits per match consistently for 300 battles, that is 9000 credits. With the new store, that is a fair credit gain I would say


Earnable store credit actually sounds like a good idea, I’d like to be able to choose my rewards, I’m not gonna grind for some emblem I don’t want


There’s already no incentive to purchase the bundles because there is no option to purchase the items individually to compare it to. That’s the whole selling point of bundles to begin with, like you said. “a little less overall” In comparison to what? That’s right, buying the items individually. There is none of that
(misrepresented Trand’s point here, ignore that please. General point stands)


Things I could see being a nice change.

Bundles are stripped and everything is separated and listed on the store. The store in turn allows you to make your own bundles by putting stuff together yourself. The only things they should be paired together by 343i are Nameplate/Armor Emblem/Weapon Emblem/Vehicle Emblem that all use the same image, and coatings between Spartan Cores perhaps. Left and Right Shoulders as well actually.

Making a complete bundle would shave a small portion of the overal individual price off. Probably no more then 100-500 credits though…

Earnable Credits would be nice, even if it is a slow process. I could see Weekly challenges having the option to have credits instead of whatever the item they have listed if you don’t want said item.


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It’s not in now, didn’t say it was, I was responding to OP’s hypothetical proposal.

I highlighted it in green.

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Ahh I see why you said that. Fair point, I don’t agree with op, that wouldn’t make sense at all. Sorry!

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All good dude :joy:

I may have misinterpreted OP’s point to begin with anyway, but they’ll respond if I did.

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I love the whole it’s $12 but you have to buy credits in increments of 5. You almost had me…almost

10-25 per win is crazy. Per level up is more like it.

Yea… they aren’t gonna give up store credit quite that easy, it’d be nice to have something to work towards tho…

The best way to earn Credits should be after leveling up past level 100 in the Battle Pass. I feel like 25-50 Credits per level after level 100 is fair. The XP amounts required to level up would remain the same.

I don’t like the ‘passed level 100’ idea at all. Some people may never even achieve that cause new seasons come out and it takes many too long to get to 100. All it would do is alienate players who have a life.

I also think people who come up with these in-game currency plans are some of the stingiest people around, and make it so just to use the currency on something worthwhile, it takes over a year of collecting. We shouldn’t make that mistake.

In my opinion, the whole point of giving credits after level 100 is to reward people who already unlocked everything in the Battle Pass. I’m not saying it’s fair, but if that’s the best option we can get out of 343, I’d rather take that.

Also, it doesn’t take that long to level up in the battle pass, especially if you use challenge swaps (and XP boosts if you have the Premium BP) strategically. People still seem to overexaggerate about progression a lot, even after it’s been massively improved.

7 matches/day automatically brings you up by one level, and using XP boosts at the start of the day while tackling the weekly challenges can net you a lot of levels in just one week. I already completed my Battle Pass a month ago and there’s currently 3 and a half months left in the season.

yes, people exaggerate, but I’m using realistic numbers here. 7 matches/day is nearly 2 hours. You can’t expect everyone to play 2 hours a day. On an Halo-active week for me would be 3 days of playtime in the week. After 2 months of release, I’m at about level 40, which included holiday time off. Even many streamers are not at 100 yet.

I get that you want to reward people after 100, but they would still be playing for credits even if credits were attainable throughout any level. Plus, there are other things to play for like Ranked tiers and other rewards… not that I’m in support of much of 343i’s model for this game lol :grin:

We all know that first part isn’t going to happen. I can guarantee they will pull a Bungie, jack up the prices, and then turn around and say “whoops, our bad”. I’m just wondering if 343 will beat Bungie’s record of saying, whoops…

As far as the second half of what you said. 343 needs to man up and back up their own words. Talk is cheap these days, I want to see action.

Some good ideas here.

I would propose removal of fake currency entirely. The OP mentions allowing players to buy the exact amount of credits needed to get what they want. The simpler solution is to ditch the fake currency. This doesn’t need to exist in any game and has the effect of holding a customer’s money hostage, creating overspending, and obscuring the true cost of purchases. In short, it’s inherently anti-customer.

Creating a proper storefront with multiple tabs for each type of cosmetic for sale individually or in bundles for actual - not fake - currency as a direct purchase would be a great step. Instead of weekly ultimates awarding fake currency, they could reward vouchers that can be redeemed for a cash shop item in a certain category. This could give “rarity” an actual meaning and also be used to structure price points. With all this buzz about “play to earn” these days why not?

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