A good idea for Halo 4

What I’m hoping to see in Halo 4, which would make the game more fun for Achievement Hunters like myself is a new search restriction. Right now you can search for player skill, language, and good connection. But what would be nice is an option to choose a certain Map Pack: Default Maps, Noble Maps, Defiant Maps, Anniversary Maps, and also the option to choose what game type within a playlist. For example I where to choose Team Objective and then it would give me a 2nd choice of either: Any, 1-CTF, 2-CTF, Assault, or Stockpile etc. It would make it so much more fun instead of playing 50 games of living dead and finally get a Defiant Map (All Alone Achievement) or playing Team Objective and the random players pick stockpile or 2 Flag etc… when you want to play 1 Flag so you can get a Achievement instead of playing all the random game types you really don’t necessary want to play.

Yes. There’s been countless times I’ve chosen BTB hoping for a good slayer or assault match, but everyone votes for Heavies, which I don’t enjoy.

And the dlc thing is a good idea too. It was there in some form in Reach with the anniversary map pack and I liked being able to choose between them.


I’d like them all to be sliders and options, not restrictions. For example, the skill search option would slide between “Loose matches, low search times” or "Tighter matches, longer search times.