A General Infection Mode (Like The Ball Mode Type)

Why don’t they just have infection be like this new “ball game type” where it’s adaptable.

Hear me out, the mode will have a plethora of new options.

I made a little list, so make sure to tell me what you think and “Like” this post to gain popularity if you really wanna see it happen (so 343 will see it!)

So far I have all of this; I will come back to edit this as more suggestions are made that I like

Game-mode Makers Should Be Able To Do The Following::

Game-type General Options:

  • Create the Game-type as Infection, where players are converted like the older types from reach and 3, very vanilla with vanilla spartans that are pale. - Create the Game-type as Elimination style, where zombies just kill the humans off with limited lives on the human teams - Create the Game-type as Flood, with specific assets and maybe special forms etc where the flood have abilities (maybe to throw a special kind of impact grenade who knows, why don’t you guys tell me lol) - Create the Game-type to have the infected be cured? Or survivors turn slowly, thus causing more of a ruckus. (Players would be infected, the infected don’t kill them, but instead they just “infect them” where the player will overtime convert and their team must run (if they know even) and it could either be curable or not. - Create it as an infection objective game mode. Survivors must do X and flood prevent them or the other way around for a special mode. Such as players must stay in safe house (some building that you make) to survive or else the contaminated air kills them, and infected can storm it) ← not the best idea, it’s more like fusing other modes with Infection, such as assault or bombs, invasion tiered based gameplay like steps to escape the infected city, bombing walkways and doorways to progress, etc. Halo 4 has a mod for this and it’s amazing. Also VIP mode is doable with this if you add in all the options.)

Game-type Aspect Options:

  • Choose skin for the infected and survivors. Infected could be flood, spartans, humans, etc and survivors could be humans, Spartans, or something else (refer to elimination, maybe they’re a biohazard spartan variant and can’t be converted) Or maybe a mix of several skins for diversity. - Choose the aspects of each team (Mostly things like the traits and weapons but also things like weapon pickups, and even things like invulnerability so to speak, and for that refer to the “non-killing infection,” where survivors are converted slowly and not killed) - Choose the type of weapon, be it a flood “talon,” an energy sword (or variant!), or the infected sword, or maybe something else (kind of like melee or claws) - Choose what noises are made from a pre-set list maybe? Also what the screen looks like, if it’s clear like normal, like flood from H4, redish, etc.

Misc Options:

  • Survivors and zombies would be able to have special zones that affect them differently, kind of like safe havens, but ones for the infected too. - Starting Infected Count - New weapon variants specifically for infection. (Survivor weapons, malfunctioning ones?, infected weapons?) - Flood can use spartan abilities whereas regular infection zombies cannot? - Nerfable or buffable lunge range for infected. - Nerfing of survivor type weapons, such as the ones in H2A, with less ammo, less range, less damage, and bad smart scope (since they’re survivor ones, not high tech!)
  • Warzone flood for a Warzone exclusive?

Again, more will be added if I can think of them.

Make sure to tell me what you like about it or don’t like so I can improve it! And if you have a suggestion let me know!

Also note anything you’d like to say about the flexibility, or if you want it to be a stagnant and fixed mode.

Honestly. I feel it can have more options, but I’m too tired to think of them

Same here but yeah it’s late and I didn’t wanna lose the ideas. Let me know if you think of any.

I updated the OP to be more relevant with my ideas. Hope you guys can give me input I really feel like this has potential.

its actually an old mod

Halo CE PC Infection had Oddball zombies that ran around with the skull

Well yeah but that’s not the point. I meant something different. There’s a Halo 4 mod that does some flaring stuff. I wish I remembered the name but I cannot right now.

Wait I found it.

It’s called “Salvation.” Just watch it. This is what I mean by the special modes where it’s a fusion of gametypes like assault etc.

Warzone flood would be insane and I like it!

Thanks! Make sure to tell me any suggestions you have!


Updated OP with new ideas. Feel free to suggest some guys.

looks great so far but its cluttered

maybe add in that the flood could use abilities and infected cant

Alright I guess I can take a look at how it is formatted :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways sure I like the idea I’ll add it to the OP.


(Sometimes things send twice so it was a repeat post lol)

OP now has new Misc Options and UI options for infected. I hope you guys have ambition for this because they’ll disappoint us if we don’t tell them what we want, sadly.

Oh also if 343 Industries sees this could you guys wait until it’s finished before releasing it. We don’t like unfinished stuff lol