A General Concern

In the case of Elite Generals, (I love puns) how are there are so damn many of them! I mean there can be as many as 10 on the field of battle, so who is really in charge.

But in all seriousness, I have a general(last one) request; that in the future the rank of enemies scale with the difficulty. I’m not sure about the campaign, but as far as Spartan Ops goes, changing the difficulty does not change overall ranks.

As in previous Halo’s if the player chose easy, the dominant enemies would be of minor rank, and as difficulty rose the number of minors went down and majors increased. This association of difficulty and rank made sense and I would really like to see it return to Halo.

Lastly I would like to finish off with a compliment to 343i. I really like the new Grunts, even if they do not fit with the previous Halo games. I like the wide spectrum of colors that gives them some individuality. If I may make a suggestion, I would recommend choosing a smaller color spectrum for each class, instead of having each class wear colors of the entire color spectrum.

Example: Minors: Violet - Blue - Cyan
Specialize/Gunners: Teal - Green - Brown (I know brown doesn’t fit)
Majors: Yellow - Orange - Red
Ultra: White
Spec Op: Black

These are not my finalized choices just a thought.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions, but be constructive!

The Ai in general need some characteristics added. So far it’s just grayish blob shooting fuel rods or small grayish blobs running away. I believe Reach had the best looking Ai with the most character animations. You generally felt some apprehension when that drop pod full of Ultras landed and you were in a Limited Firefight game.

I agree that the behavioral animations are not as fleshed out as I might like but I will say that the AI does a good job of sensing where you are and what you are doing. Such examples are when Elites hope off turrets when you send a rocket their way, or how they put their backs against walls, peaking and shooting around the corner at you.