A gamertag with all the Halo map remakes

Hey guys, I was browsing deeply in a reddit post and thought the original poster cashflow605 did something cool for all of us. He created a gamertag that has all maps that have been remade from every halo game. Add GT: H5 Forge Maps as your friend. All maps will be saved under that account for you to bookmark. Nostalgia at its finest.

Excellent! Thanks for the info!

This is legit, but OP gave the credit to the wrong person (see here: Halo 5 Best Classic Map Remakes, Where To Download & Similarity Rating! - Google Sheets)

The maps and info were gotten from the spreadsheet linked above (which you need for reference) and the GT ‘H5 Forge Maps’ was created by Shinseina Neko, not cashflow605.