A future ranking system could work...

One issue I had with Halo 3 was that in Multiplayer, you would run across people that had just created tags using promotional codes, and going into Multiplayer. They may be a 50 on their main tag, but on this tag they were starting over and the match making would pair skills that did not make for a balanced fight.

They ‘could’ set up the system that would require a certain SR level and once reaching that SR level, only they could you compete in Post competitive matches that had an effect on your rank.

It would put an end to that behavior. Honestly, not sure why someone isn’t taking that code and entering it in on their main tag. Doing so adds the free time to the expiration of your main tag.

People would chose to not level up. hence the get there rouge level complete and never chose another class and be stuck at 60 or 80SR forever.

Just make it so competitive play lists are only accessible after a certain SR is complete, maybe after the first specialization. Then it’s ur choice if you want to unlock more.

In the competitive lists, implement the ranking system. Consider SR levels as the training levels.

IDK what type of ranking system they have! just put one in because im tired of pairing with noobs.