A friend of mine wants to spoil Master Chief

He doens’t get the mystery behind it and wants to spoil master chiefs face.
It is a quick question how you will react on it.

For me its heresy and Il throw him out of the window 1st floor.

Oh, right? You’ll REALLY love the Legendary ending then…

I really enjoy having the mystery behind his face, I think that the legendary ending still kept the mystery, but I wouldn’t mind seeing his face if it meant it was the last game with chief.

Even though John’s face has been known since the first book which came out a month or so before the Halo CE…

I’m a die hard Halo fan to the core and yet I don’t understand this belief that Master Chief is faceless and that “he can be anybody” which is not true at all. That is what Noble Six was for really.

The fact Master Chief has a real name -> John and a distinctive voice already makes him his own character. I never put myself behind the visor.

Even if they never show his face in the games, they constantly have your mind build the image of him in the novels and the comics.

I predict that by the end of Halo 6, we will see Chief’s full face.

This trilogy is all about addressing his humanity. Showing that he is more than a machine. You can’t really do that if you don’t show his face.

ive said it before, ill say it again, i hope that we start off halo 5 as a completely unarmored chief.

i always kindof felt that bungie made chief to be a little like judge dredd, never showing his face. i like the new direction better honestly, it give him more character.

I don’t think seeing his face matters.

Anyone who has read the books knows that Chief’s face isn’t exactly super mysterious there.

Never seeing Chief’s face isn’t a part of the story or anything. It was a choice Bungie made because they prefer NOT to give the hero a face. They want you to imagine YOU are the Chief. In your head, while you play, you are suppose to feel like the Chief is just you in the game.

But now there are new drivers behind the wheel. 343i are giving Chief his own character and emotions. His own drive. This is a huge difference from Bungie’s style. Both are good ways of doing it.

Now that Master Chief is his own man and no just a vessel for us to implant ourself into the story with, it is perfectly okay to show his face. He is his own character so now the face doesn’t hurt anything. It can’t break the illusion of being the Chief since really you aren’t supposed to be feeling that way necessarily.

Think of it this way.

With Bungie, you traveled AS the Master Chief to save Humanity. They didn’t show his face because he is YOU underneath.

With 343i, you travel WITH the Master Chief as he goes on a journey to save us all again. His face can be shown now because he isn’t just an avatar for us to see the world in, now he is a character we should sympathize with and like because he is great.

It is a perspective change.

I don’t really care tbh, his face has been explained in the books and stuff.

Also the fact that you see his face in the legendary ending, just his eyes tho

Master Chief doesn’t have a face. If he takes off his helmet then some enormous beam shoots and melts people.

> Master Chief doesn’t have a face. If he takes off his helmet then some enormous beam shoots and melts people.

youve got it all wrong. its more like this.

[Legendary ending spoiler if you haven’t seen it yet. Click only if you don’t care!]

We’ve pretty much already seen it in the Legendary ending of Halo 4.It’s not a big deal to me. He’s a human being still, after all. After having read all of the books in the Halo Universe, it’s made me much more open to having his face revealed. Character development is a good thing, and we saw a tremendous leap of it with the Chief in Halo 4. I think at the end he wanted to take his armor off to remind himself that he isn’t a machine.