a forum game: ABC's

Lets play a forum game based off of the video of Frank reciting the alphabet, and with each letter, he used something from the halo universe starting with the same letter and described it.

-Please try to use words that are not from the video.
-It can be ANYTHING Halo related.
-Give a brief, or detailed description of the word you used.
-If you come after someone with z, just start with a.
-If you come across a letter that no one can find something for, make a sentence using the word halo, with the first word (any word) starting with that letter.

I will start.

A is for Albatross, the large UNSC dropship that can be found on Sandtrap.

Your turn.

B is for Beam Rifle a covenant sniper rifle without reload (but overheat)

B is for Battle Rifle the UNSC utility weapon

C is for Cortana the AI

D is for Durga, an AI in one of Halo’s ARGs.

E is for Elephant. The mobile base from H3 and Wars.

F is for Friends who do stuff together!

F is for Fred-104, a Spartan II

G is for guilty spark, the monitor of installation 04.

H is for Helljumper, a comic series about ODSTs.

I- I love Bees. Used to promote Halo 2

U had to steal this one!


Master Chief Biography
<mark>by ~The-SciFi-Creator</mark>

Name…: John
Aliases:…: Blue 1, Sierra 117, Spartan 117, Demon, John-117, 117, John, Reclaimer, The Chief, Chief, The Slayer, The Demon, Chief-117, Master Chief-117
-Yoink!-…: Male
SPARTAN Tag…: 117
First Home…: Elysium City, Colony World Eridanus II
Birth date…: 2510
Current known age: 42
Height(WOA)…: roughly 208 centimetres (6ft 10in)
Height(WA)…: roughly 213 centimetres (7ft 1in)
Weight(WOA)…: 130kilograms (290lb)
Wieght(WA)…: 1 ton
Cybernetics…: Spartan Neural Interface (Cortana)
Affiliation…: UNSC Navy
Rank…: Master Chief Petty Officer (of the Navy)

Childhood summary:

  • Lived with his Mother and Father (Names remain UNKNOWN)
  • Attended Elysium City Primary Education Facility Number 119
  • Physical features: brown hair, freckles, and a small gap between his front teeth
  • Rememberes his mother as kind and smelling like soap
  • Parisa (future lieutenant) was his childhood friend of his after saving her from near drownings in Lake Gusev
  • John promised to marry Parisa and keep her safe (only reminder of eachother is a single photo taken by Prisa’s father)(both assume eachother long passed away)
  • At the age of six, he was identified by Dr. Catherine Halsey as one of 150 preliminary candidates for the SPARTAN-II Program
  • Dr. Halsey determined his fate by flipping a 21st Century coin, which John caught before it could land. He was later kidnapped from his home and replaced with a flash clone that would die of natural causes to hide the kidnapping
  • Taken to Reach for training at the age of 7

Teen Summary:

  • Trained for 8 years under the supervision of Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez
  • Had a Pit Rival named Kurt-051
  • Became the new leader of a SPARTAN group after beating down a group of marines refusing to leave any weak child behind when dropped from a pelican into the wilderness
  • Underwent augmentations at the age of 14 (obtained the body of an 18 year old professional olympic athlete
  • killed 2 ODSTs and fatally injured 1 ODST in a boxing rink to be proven strong

K is for Killimanjaro, a medal awarded for killing 7 people within a certain amount of time.

L - Lance Corporal, one of the many ranks in the UNSC.

M is for marines of the UNSC Marine Corps.

N is for Nightfall, a level from the Reach Campaign

> N is for Nightfall, a level from the Reach Campaign

O is for Oddball, a gametype in Halo since Halo CE.

P is for Pelican, which is a bird.

> > > N is for Nightfall, a level from the Reach Campaign
> >
> > O is for Oddball, a gametype in Halo since Halo CE.
> P is for Pelican, which is a bird.

Q is for Quarantine Zone, which is something off Halo 2.

R is for Reach, that little planet where some stuff happened.

S is for seven or skirmisher. Seven is bungie’s favorite number and is referenced everywhere in the halo series.