A form of promethean vision in Halo 2.

It’s called the “wall hack” in Halo 2 (video below). Why is it a special ability in Halo 4?


To me seeing through walls was/is a cheat that was used in Halo 2. To me it takes a lot of the guessing out of a Halo game. Guessing where the enemy is by sounds (i.e. grenades or fire) or by thinking where they might want to go, etc, made the game more interesting. With the “wall hack” or promethean vision I think it will make it less interesting to play a game of Halo.

What do you think?

Damn, what a skilled player.

Promethean Vision doesn’t last forever as that mod does, so you have to use it strategically. Not the perfect AA ever made, but there was something like it in Ghost Recon Future Solider and it seemed to work out pretty well. Honestly, you might be able to see your enemy, killing them is a whole other topic entirely.

All that said, I’m sure 343i has put on a nerf after people played it and voiced their concerns.

Thanks op for reminding me of my wonderfull memories on that game ;_;

“You will never play the original lockout online”

They already nerfed it… just…stop.

> They already nerfed it… just…stop.

I wonder who even thought, “let’s make wallhacks a feature!” I think it should go.

You’re comparing a mod that allows you to see players for the whole match, to an AA that only lasts a few seconds(even then, the current build has an even shorter duration than before, with an even slower recharge rate) and makes a loud noise when you are scanned…

Last I check, you still can’t shoot through the walls and players are always the same height as you.