A Forge Idea

So I’ve been messing with Forge every chance I get, and had an idea with the grouping/welding option. Could 343i possibly add the option to save small “welded” objects to a 'Groups Folder"? If you were building something on Alpine, but decided it was better on Glacier, this would allow an identical transfer across maps, given that the object count would allow for such a piece to be placed. Would also allow for content from other peoples maps to be added to your own.

What do you guys think?

Personally I haven’t played forge yet, however I have watched videos and seen all the lovely comments on here. I think it would certainly be useful and I hope they think or have thought of something like this. With the new control scheme and UI I think its possible once they get around to the January or February updates.

Nice thinking OP!

That would be cool, I doubt it would be a priority, but it would be nice to have some group pieces that you commonly use at your disposal.