A forge 3.0 idea: Keycards

Yes yes, I know, this was Duke Nukem 3D inspired, but what the hell, listen up. It’s a Forge 3.0 idea that is swell, if I do say so myself.

Ever been tired of getting spawncamped? How about tired of getting your weapons taken by the other team?
Have you ever wanted to forge a cool puzzle map involving getting objectives with other objectives? Have you ever wanted to make an armory, but to get it you needed secret access?

Keycards are YOUR KEY to the answer.

Let’s break it down nice and easy:
1)What is a Keycard?
2)Where does Forge come in?
3)Keycards and You
5)The big salad

Tl;drs are including after every section, so if you’re lazy as hell then that’s okay, Gondile <3s you.

Obviously there are different definitions for this that belong to different things, but my and Forge 3.0’s connotation would be that it would be a small, colored card that would automatically be picked up if walked over, and visible on the HUD. It’s function would vary actually. Depending on how far 343 could strain this idea, it could cover a variety of ranges. It’s most simplest would be opening a sealed door. However, it could be applied to things such as but not limited to: Cranes, Elevators, Secret Paths, Gun dispensers, etc. The variety is up to 343, and YOU, yes you, if I can acquire your support.

TL;DR: Keycards are cards that you can use to open up things like doors and elevators.

I am no game developer, but if Duke Nukem 3D waaaay baack wheeeen, could do it, 343 sure can do it, too. The physics too this are simple. In Forge, in whatever category 343 puts it under, we’d have “Keycards”. The forge tools would be: Key Card, Key Card One Way, Key Card Insert, and Key Card One Way Insert. Let me describe these individual forge objects:

KEY CARD: You get a small keycard. You can edit the keycard to have the options: Switch Color (The color determines if the key card can be used on a Key Card Insert. IE, Purple Key Cards won’t work on Yellow Key Card inserts.), Make default (That means it will only work on a default Key Card Insert. IE, I pick up the default key card, I can’t use it on a Blue Key Card Insert, but I can use it on a default Key Card Insert), How many times it can be used (IE, If I set it to twice use, then you can only use the key card twice on a Key Card Insert. You would also be able to set it to infinite, so it can be used as many times), What teams can use it (IE if I set it to blue, yellow, and green, only those teams have access to this card, whether they spawn with it or they find it. You can also set it to all, so all teams can use), If it drops after death (IE, If I set it to yes, after Red kills Blue, Red can pick up the keycard and have access to it’s uses). The other options would be necessities, like spawn time and phased.

KEY CARD ONE WAY: Unique key card. It has all the other options of the Key Card, but the key card one way can only be used on a one way Key Card Insert, meaning once you go in, you don’t go back out. How is this helpful? For one thing, it negates Spawn Camping as say, Blue Team could have one ways so they can exit their base and the Red team can’t get in. Could have other uses which I won’t bother to show.

KEY CARD INSERT AND KEY CARD ONE WAY INSERT: Very simple to understand. Place the Key Card Insert on say, a door (343 will have to add these to the Forge sandbox) or elevator or whatever, and it’s corresponding Key Card will work. I’m not going to bother listing it’s various uses because I presume you have it figured out by now. You should also realize how a Key Card One Way Insert will work.


Now let’s have a little chat about YOU, and that Keycard I’m talking about. How does it work with you? Well, it’s REAL easy. Depending on how you set it up, you’ll either start with it or you’ll have to search for it. Either way, once you aquire this device, ANY corresponding Key Card Insert. (Hint: Color) Depending on how the forger or you set it up, using it will give you access to a sweet armory, a hidden weapon, a hiding place, or the battlefield as it presents itself. They’re pretty easy to get, too, unless the Forger is a good thinker… or a -Yoink-. When you pick it up, whether it be that the custom games editor made it that it’s an auto pick up, or you have to hold RB, you have access to something very special. But better than that, keycards can be used to have personal team armories, so the other time just can’t take that precious Banshee you’ve been spotting. But how does this aspire to your team?


Your team’s score definitely needs to fly high to the top, but how? Skill, definitely. But you’re going to need a weapon, just like John. Stick with your team to hunt down a keycard so you can use the elevator to get to the high-in-the-sky camping spot, or lone wolf it and bring it back so the whole team can praise you that you got the nearby armory open. But just HOLD ON A SECOND. Sometimes, maybe you shouldn’t use it.

But Gondile, that’s CRAZY TALK!

But it’s not! It provides a perfect ambush spot for you and/or your team! Maybe the other team needs that armory open, and they definitely know where that keycard is. They’re gonna want it, and you’re gonna want their blood, get it?


Ok actually, I just watched a certain show. This is actually a big overview of how it affects gameplay. Real simple. It won’t be based on luck, as the card will have a spawn. You’ll need tactics to seize the key card and control it. Forgers can bend it to it’s will to manipulate gameplay, making it even more exciting, as in unlocking the huge bunker placed there.


Well folks, that’s all she wrote. Please support this topic and keep it alive, now matter how hard it’ll be or how much it’ll take. See ya later!

Reserved just in case.

> Reserved just in case.


sounds like a really good idea. I fote in favor.

Thanks guys, keep it alive please.

Well needed bump.

Sounds Awesome, that would make forge really fun.

> sounds like a really good idea. I fote in favor.

To be honest with you, this sounds really boring and unnecessary, keycards are something to add to Forge once its perfected in every other way. …And that will never happen.

Why would it need to be perfect in every way? I don’t think you read about the benefits of keycards, and of course, how much fun they are.

I honestly can’t see this being implemented.

That being said, 343 is making a brand new game with a brand new Forge, and time will only tell what is and isn’t possible for them to do. All the same, I support your idea regardless of how possible it is. I hope it gets through, even if it might not : )