A Forge 3.0 Idea: Gun Dispensers!

Sorry, no TL;DRs, I would appreciate you just reading the whole thing!

Maybe you’re enjoying your lovely team slayer map you just forged. Yes, it’s even symmertrical with a fine coloring of Red VS Blue, and even guns set up in the base! Oh, but what’s this? Let’s look at Red Team. This is their finely crafted base, respectively next to the dirty Blues down the street. Now tell me, what kind of self respecting HQ just has guns lying around? Surely you shouldn’t be in that demographic. No you need something better, something more efficient, something to make the Reds happy, something amazing… You need Gun Dispensers, a new idea by Gondile!

1)What IS a Gun Dispenser?
2)How does this work?
4)Big Cheese of the South Seas

    “Well you’ve hyped me Gondile, but I just don’t understand what this is!”

Not a problem, my comrade! Allow me to explain.

A Gun Dispenser is real simple! It’s shape would be that of a Soda Machine, and sort of like a Soda Machine, guns will drop down and players (That’s you!) will pick them up for use! Just hold RB and you can have what ever gun is stored in!

“But forge…?”

Extra simple! Gun Dispensers will earn a spot in “Weapons”. Once you select a Gun Dispenser and click X, from here, we will have Guns to pick for what you want stored in (Choose what guns you want), How many (Pick how many of each gun you want in that you selected), What Team (Self Explanatory), and Randomize (When pressed RB, a random gun will come out). Also when selecting guns to put in, you’ll pick how much ammo it will contain.

Beware though, the guns will probably but strain on the Guns menu. To fix this, if you, say, put one assault rifle into the Dispenser, one assault rifle will be taken from the overall amount of assault rifles you can pick from from the Guns menu.

    Simple! When a player presses RB, he will get a gun from the dispenser (See 1) and the gun he was holding will drop to the floor or switch over to his second weapon if lack of. But of course, this can be different. Forgers can set the Gun Dispenser to random (Meaning a random gun stored in the Dispenser will come out) or if the choice “random” is not selected, Menu will come into play (Meaning when pressed RB a menu will pop up and ask you what gun you want, how much of that gun is in there, and how much ammo is in each gun)

My good man, don’t you see the possibilities? For one thing, enemies will not be able to steal weapons from someone’s base. For another, it can produce some very funny results. Overall I think it would be a great implement and could REALLY get some creative juices flowin’

This is Gondile, singing out. Keep it alive, please!

Reserved… just in case.

I think its a great idea. plus it wont leave so many empty spots on maps. lol

Haha yeah.

Well I guess that would be kinda cool.

What a fine bump this is.

Interesting, but it would surely slow down gameplay a lot.
A menu to pick a gun? Hell no! :confused:

> Interesting, but it would surely slow down gameplay a lot.
> A menu to pick a gun? Hell no! :confused:

Slow down gameplay?

The menu would work like an Engineer (In TF2) picks what he wants to construct. That doesn’t slow down gameplay at all.