A fool's wishes for the next (FPS) Halo installment.

Halo: Reach isn’t doing it for me. It’s just not. I find it boring and frustrating. The only good thing about it is Forge, I love it and it’s the only thing that keeps me from never inserting Reach into my xbox again. I desperately don’t want the next Halo to turn out like Reach has. Thus, I thrust my foolish wishes into your eye sockets. Read. Read it all. Then, and only then can you troll my -Yoink-.

First up on my wish list is nades that go “Boom!” when you stare at them. No, not really. What I actually want is nades that act like CE’s nades, and I’m not talking about how they bounced or their arc, but rather how you could accumulate a ton on the floor, in a nice little pile, and then throw one of your own into that pile to get a whopping explosion. This made Warthog launching possible, as well as some cool trick jumps in Halo 2. It was just a nice feature, and I really don’t see why Bungie removed it in Halo 3 and Reach. The ability to shoot your opponents nades once they’re in the air (or maybe even in his hand, too) should also be kept. Plasma nade launching should act more like it did in Halo 2. Once you launch a plasma nade in Reach it explodes almost instantly, which just defeats the purpose of plasma launching, which was to get that extra speed so it’d go further/higher.

Now, we shall talk about button combos. I would very much like for them to return. I know in Halo 2 they were glitches, but if you (343) made them official and gave instructions in-game on how to perform them then it’ll even the playing field for those that didn’t know about them. They don’t need to remain the same as Halo 2s’, but some sort of button combos would be very much appreciated. I feel they add so much more skill, and it was extremely fun and felt rewarding when you pulled them off correctly. They’re like the special moves in a fighting game. It just adds that little bit more depth, and are just plain awesome.

This is a biggy, and would be a first for a console game (at least, I think it would), but please can you scrap Forge. Instead, give us a proper program to make levels with. Something like Worldcraft. It’s not too complex, and it doesn’t even need a powerful computer to run it. Just a ‘simple’ level creator like that would be bloody amazing. You’d build the maps on the computer and then once you’ve finished you’d export it to a USB or some other type of medium for transfer to your xbox 360’s HDD. Forge is just holding back the community’s talent. Or if you fear (and I believe you do) that the complexity of a full map making program will scare of users you could just keep Forge, but also have this map making program for the more advanced users. We really need a more powerful map making tool! Forge just isn’t cutting it. I doubt this will become a reality though. A large chunk of the community probably wouldn’t buy DLC maps for Reach as talented users would just recreate them if such a tool was made. I probably wouldn’t buy DLC simply because they’d be too many good community made, professional looking maps anyway. Though, I suppose you’d have to buy the DLC maps if you wanted to play them in MM…

This is another thing I doubt would ever happen as it’d make your game look unprofessional, but, can we have less barriers? Escaping levels was always a fun thing to do in past Halo games, but not in Reach. I feel there’s no point in trying to escape Reach campaign levels. You can’t launch things high in the sky due to the grenades not being able to set each other off and you can’t even trick jump. You just jump too low. That’s another thing, bring trick jumping back. I want to jump twice my body height, not half an inch off the ground. Reach is just too slow, and you jump too low. Actually, the “slowness” of the Spartans in Reach is debatable. I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t move that much slower than in Halo 3 or 2, but because you can sprint it just seems like you’re always walking slow. I don’t know…just a thought. Anyway, back to escaping campaign maps. The maps in Reach just feel boring, which also leads me to not even bother trying to escape them. And having a switch that turns off all the barriers isn’t fun. That takes the challenge out of it, and most of the scenery you fall through anyway so there’s not point to it.

Hm… what else, oh, that’s right. No bloody bloom, AAs or equipment, please.

Now, feel free to list your foolish wishes, flame, troll, do anything you desire. Go! Go! Go!