A FIX to Update Mobile Halo Channel App - Do This

This is for anyone having issues with the Halo Channel App not updating to the New Halo WayPoint App !!

I done this on Android but I assume it’s the same for iOS users as well !!

What you need to do is open the App Store, Type a Search for Halo Channel App, the result of the search will obviously be the Halo Channel App, Tap on it then scroll down the page and you’ll see a bit near the bottom that says about ‘Joining the Beta’…Hit the ‘Join’ Button and wait a few minutes while it adds your account to the Beta List, nothing actually changes on the page to let you know you’ve been added, so just wait a few minutes…Then go back a page to the list of results you got from searching for Halo Channel App and it should show an ‘Update’ available next to the Halo Channel App (you might need to close the App Store and Re-Search the Halo Channel App to get the Update to Show)…Hit that and let it update/install and Viola, you’ll have the Updated Halo WayPoint App…Open and Enjoy !!

Hope this Helps !?

Unfortunately no Join button for me.

When did you try, because the Flight has ended now and the New Waypoint App won’t load for me anymore…So maybe the Join Beta Option disappears when it’s not running !?

Try again when the next flight is up and running, hopefully you get sorted then !!

Nope, there is no Join button for me. I’ve tried clearing caches, restarting phone, etc. Super frustrated.

While the apps were part of the first flight, they are not a focus and not available for this one.