A Fix for Custom Games: Waypoint Editor!

Due to the apparent lack of a functional Custom Games editor in Halo 4, and the fact that 343 would have a tremendous amount of trouble editing the in-game menu… Why not do it via Halo Waypoint?

Waypoint evolves, it can be changed on demand… A built-in interface for a game cannot…

If 343 were to have a Halo Waypoint editor for Custom Games, it would allow us all of the creativity that we used to have without a massive title update!

In the “Custom Games are STILL Unacceptable, 343!” Thread, we learned that doing an update for Custom Games would be very difficult to achieve - If it were in-game… But having it in Halo Waypoint is an entirely different story, one that shows great promise!

Also, with new gametypes being added (Mini-Slayer, for example) that change things that we are unable to control, 343i can routinely update the Waypoint Editor to accommodate any new features added to Matchmaking!

Would you like to have a Custom Games Editor in Waypoint that could be routinely updated to accommodate new features in Matchmaking?
Or would you like to endure a massive title update that would require a “Long and laborious process”?[/li]

An update to Halo 4 would produce a more convenient result (being able to edit variants in-game), but if that’s not possible at all, then a legitimate external editor of some sort would certainly be better than nothing.

I’d have to agree with Cobb, as an update to the game itself would probably be more user-friendly, as sometimes Halo Waypoint can get a bit troublesome at times, though not often. Most people that get the game often know little to nothing about Halo Waypoint. A custom games editor in the game itself would certainly help to reduce this confusion, though your idea is a great idea.

Anyways, I suppose it’s a matter of kicking back and seeing what content is to come.

One of the best suggestions I’ve seen on these forums in a long time. Like those previously, within the game would be much easier. However I do think the idea of a Waypoint Editor could suffice. Maybe they could allow us to literally create our own gametypes, so we can have legitimate One-Flag/Neutral-Flag CTF and Assault simply by creating our own gametype labels. Especially CTF, since the new game labels for CTF screwed up the classic gametypes.

A Waypoint custom gametype creator would be awesome. It wouldn’t fix the problem, but it would be awesome.